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YouTube has become the go to website to share videos of all genres whether it is movie trailers or DIY videos. YouTube is also becoming a famous platform for many tutors, makeup gurus and designers to share their skills and reach a wide range of audience. The satisfaction that you get from sharing your knowledge with others gives you an unexplainable feeling of self-achievement. If you wish to join the long list of YouTubers and share your unique and entertaining videos, keep reading to find out how to upload MP4 to YouTube.

Part 1: How to Upload MP4 to YouTube Fast

Things you have to do before uploading MP4 to YouTube:

  1. Record or shoot your video using your camcorder or your mobile phone.
  2. Once you have shot your video, transfer this from your recorded device to your computer.
  3. Prior to uploading or performing any edits, make sure the video is in a format that is accepted by YouTube. The widely utilized format is MP4. No matter what format your original video is, convert YouTube MP4 format by using iSkysoft iTube Studio.

convert youtube to mp4 

  • Import your video from your computer to iSkysoft iTube Studio. This is done by right clicking on the Downloaded page. When that is done, a tab will appear, click on Import to transfer videos from your desktop.
  • Choose the imported video that you wish to convert by going into the library and select the Convert option situated on the right hand corner.
  • A pop-up dialog box will appear on the right hand corner of the screen. Go to the Format tab and select MP4 and click on the OK button.

By following these steps you can successfully convert the videos into the preferred format of MP4.

Start to upload MP4 to YouTube

You can now go ahead and upload it to YouTube.

Step 1:

To do this, first, sign in to the account that is connected to the channel on which you want to upload the video.

Step 2:

Go to your homepage. On the top right hand corner of the screen there will be an Upload button located to the right of the search bar. Click on that.

Step 3:

Next, click on the Select Files to upload button. A window will open from which one can choose the file preferred to upload on YouTube. An alternate method to this step is dragging and dropping the video of choice into the square shaped box in the YouTube page.

Step 4:

To proceed to this step, make sure that the channel being used has been verified via SMS, or else uploads will be limited to 15 minutes. If the account is verified, then nothing to worry. Once the file has been uploaded, it will automatically initiate the loading process and will open a page in which the details of the video can be entered.

Step 5:

Enter the required details for the video. For instance, the video description, tags for users to easily search, etc.

Step 6:

Select the preferred privacy setting. If the privacy setting is selected as Public, then everyone can view and search the videos.

Step 7:

Once all the changes are done, hit on the Publish button, and the video is now live!

Part 2: Common Issues on Uploading MP4 to YouTube

Publishing a YouTube video can be a really exciting experience. This is because through the video, you share a piece of you for the world to see. Just like how one comes across potholes on the road, there are certain glitches that can pop up when uploading videos to YouTube.

Problem 1: Video takes very long time to upload.

Reason: This problem mainly occurs because the internet speed is slow or because there is some other data consuming internet activity taking place.
Solution: Make sure that all other activities have been halted until the video is completely uploaded. This can end up in shorter durations of upload time.

Problem 2: The error message “The server has rejected the file” pops up

Solution: Make sure that the browser being used is up to date with the latest version. At certain times, older versions of browsers can cause trouble when uploading.

Problem 3: Sometimes even if the video format is MP4, YouTube doesn’t accept it and sends an error message saying, “ERROR. Server failed to respond within setting time”.

Reason: The MP4 is a container format for video, but the audio and video codec might vary. Or else, you might have added the background audio that is not of a specific code.
Solution: Make sure to use iSkysoft iTube studio to convert the video to MP4 again.

Problem 4: The error message “An error has occurred while sending data over the network”.

Reason: This could be because the file size is too large, your internetis  too slow or your connectivity is experiencing a small problem.
Solution: Attempt to plug the computer to the internet modem with a cable, instead of connecting it wirelessly. If that doesn’t work, momentarily deactivate Anti-virus and anti-spyware software in the computer.

Problem 5: The error message “An error has occurred while reading the uploaded file”.

Reason: This problem may arise when the video that is being uploaded is saved on an external drive, for instance USB or external hard disk.
Solution: Save the video in the computer before initiating the upload process.
Now you are just a few steps away from sharing your uniqueness to the rest of the world. Happy uploading!

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