PDF Editor for Windows

PDF Editor for WindowsV 5.12.1 release December 29, 2016

Added new interaction feature when selecting texts: now you can make zone selection by left-click mouse while holding the Alt key.
Added user-defined dictionary and ignoring corrections for spelling-check feature.
Now support resuming to the last view position on the document when re-opening the previously opened PDF.
Now you will receive a notification during text editing if no compatible font is found when matching the font type.
Support automatically retaining the pre-defined attributes of underlined and strikethroughed text.
When editing text, resizing the textbox won’t change the scale of text now. Instead, hold the Alt key to proportionally scale the text size.
Improved the paragraph editing results when handling form embedded documents.
Fixed the some of the redaction issues on path and images.
Fixed a minor issue causing some of the single-line form fields are unable to type in.
Optimized the margin space when printing PDF in various page sizes.
Some bugs fixes and a few minor improvements on user experience.

PDF Editor for WindowsV 5.11.1 release November 24, 2016

Redesigned and optimized user interface to improve your experience.
Support spelling check in English when editing text.
Support creating and typing superscript and subscript text.
Support moving an object with Arrow keys.
Move, align, and distribute objects with the help of alignment lines.
Supports exporting a multiple-page PDF to a single image.
Improved procedure for superfast and easy OCR download.
Optimized print quality to create the best print results.
Optimized default zoom settings to make your reading experience even better.
Enhanced support for variable text in PDF files.
Increased redaction accuracy rate to rapidly locate and accurately redact sensitive information from any PDF.
Fixed an issue that may cause loss of data after document is saved.
Fixed the OCR crash issue caused by exhausted memory size.
Fixed the crash issue caused by character insertion under the paragraph mode.
Fixed the crash issue caused by large resource handles.
Fixed incorrect display of bold and italic font styles.
Fixed invalid cursor position error caused by wrong text direction when pasting paragraph.
Fixed an issue where image turns black after redaction.
Fixed an issue where invalid form fields won't display.
Fixed an issue where combination settings for form fields were marked as invalid.
Fixed an issue where invisible link rectangle appears as visible.

PDF Editor for WindowsV 5.6.0 release June 29, 2016

1. Support redaction function;
2. Redact selected items in PDF;
3. Search specific text for redaction.

PDF Editor for WindowsV 5.5.0 release April 26, 2016

1.Memory footprint optimization
2.Product performance optimization
3.Fix some bugs

PDF Editor for WindowsV 5.0.0 release October 21, 2015

iSkysoft PDF Editor for Windows V5.0.0 has been released!
We have been trying our best to improve our product quality. The new 5.0.0 version will bring you the following features:
1) Re-designed user interface to present you a brand new look and feel;
2) Re-organized ribbon menu to improve your experience with the program;
3) Vastly improved PDF rendering quality and PDF editing features;
4) Completely optimized the interactive design;
5) Integrated with a new OCR version;
6) A new start page with quick entries to create, edit, combine and convert PDF;
7) Added screen capture function;
8) Added option for changing PDF properties;
9) More PDF annotation options like Typewriter, Area Highlight, Squiggly Line and Insert;
10) Allow to show or hide annotations;
11) Automatic paragraph identification;
12) Support adding bates numbering and header & footer;
13) Added Function-Entry.

PDF Editor for WindowsV 4.0.1 release April 24, 2015

Fix some bugs.

PDF Editor for WindowsV 4.0.0 release June 09, 2014

1. Optimize the editing module.
2. Fix some bugs.

PDF Editor for WindowsV 3.0.0 release December 23, 2013

1.Supports compressing PDF files.
2.Enhanced the stability.
3.Fixed some bugs.

PDF Editor for WindowsV 2.0.1 release October 10, 2012

1.Edit PDF as easy as on Microsoft Office Word
2.Encrypt your PDF files with password
3.Markup and annotate PDF documents Easily
4.Convert PDF documents to MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel

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