PDF Editor for Windows

iSkysoft PDF Editor for Windows is a smart PDF application software that enables you to edit,convert and create PDF documents easily.

New Features

V 6.1

V 6.1.3

June 28, 2017

Fixed the issue where it might cause the program to crash when creating PDF.
Fixed the issue where it might cause the program become unresponsive during startup.
Addressed some of the localization issues in German, French, Italian, Spanish and other multi-language versions.

V 6.1.2

June 07, 2017

Now Support PDF/A as an available output format with ISO Standard for long term archiving.
Added support for creating PDF directly from the scanners, with options to perform OCR or generate PDF/A format files during the process.
OCR engine upgraded: the recognition speed and memory usage performance has been greatly improved.
Now you can perform Search and Replace operations on text content.
Support editing the objects in the form XObject.
Added the option in form setting which allows users to show or hide the form field content in the printing output.
Greatly improved the overall results for converting PDFs to other formats, the performance is now much more stable and reliable.
Fixed the issue where the size of the text inside the digital signature appears to be too small.
Corrections and improvements on many small details.

V 6.0.3

April 21, 2017

Brand-new re-designed user interface with better usability.
Added automated form field recognition and interactive form field creation.
New feature: You can now extract data from interactive PDF forms and export the data in the form fields in CSV format. You can also perform partial OCR on specific user-define fields in scanned PDFs, and export the digitalized data in CSV format.
Added Batch Process capability for convert, data extraction, add Bates numbers, and watermark.
Merged "edit text" and "edit object" status buttons into one.
Improved Find feature to quickly navigate through your documents.
Greatly improved the user experience with Save and Export features.
Simplified link setup, with new option to “open file” call-to-action.
Redesigned Page view for quick navigation, improved document reorganization, and access to Split and Extract tools.
Extensive improvements on many details.

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