From time to time, you may receive PDF files with a wrong orientation. They could be upside down or facing sideways for instance. If you are expected to use them, you will need to invert the PDF files or rotate PDF so that you can read them comfortably. Sometimes, the graphics within the PDF document or some pages are the ones with a wrong orientation. You will need to rotate the PDF pages and images too. You need some tools to make these changes. Let us look at how to rotate a PDF document using various tools:

Top 5 Best Way to Rotate PDF Easily and Quickly

1# How to Permanently Rotate PDF to Any Orientation

One of the easiest ways to permanently rotate PDF is via using PDF editing software like iSkysoft PDF Editor for Mac (or iSkysoft PDF Editor for Windows). It is a powerful PDF editor allowing you to control your PDF file with ease. You can edit PDF, rotate PDF, create PDF and convert PDF to any format. What's more, you can conveniently share your PDF to other platform.

Key Features of iSkysoft PDF Editor:

  • Easily edit, insert, delete or add texts to PDF files.
  • Create PDF from existing PDF files, images, webpages, EPUB, and more.

iSkysoft PDF Editor for Mac 

  • Conversion of PDF documents to other formats that you can also edit.
  • The comment feature which allows for the insertion of text, sticky notes and comments.
  • Markup drawing tools where you can include circles and squares.
  • The protection feature that allows you to protect your PDF with a password. You can also protect functions inside your PDF documents.

Simple Steps on How to Rotate PDF on Mac (OS X El Capitan)

Step 1 Import PDF file

You can import the PDF file by dragging and dropping it onto the iSkysoft PDF Editor interface. And the PDF file will be opened in this PDF rotator.

Alternative, you can click the "Open File" button in the program main interface. And access the location of the PDF and import it to the program.

Open PDF file with the Mac PDF editor

Step 2 Start the PDF rotation

On the program menu, click the "Pages" menu on the right side. Click "Rotate Pages". Choose whether to rotate PDF 90/180 degrees and whether you want the pages rotated clockwise or anticlockwise. This default option only rotates the current page. Specify the pages whose orientation you need to change.

rotate PDF

Step 3 Save the rotated PDF

On the green header bar, click "File" then "Save". Now your rotated PDF can be saved permanently.

Video Tutorial on How to Rotate a PDF on Mac (OS X El Capitan)

2#: How to Rotate PDF on Chrome

Chrome comes with a PDF viewer tool that is built-in. This tool allows you to do a number of things, for instance, split pages, fill out forms and save them, save web pages as PDF, and rotate PDF. For you to access these tools, ensure that you have enabled PDF viewer in Chrome.

How to enable the PDF viewer in Chrome

Go to the Omnibox and type: chrome://plugins. This is what you see:

If the PDF viewer reads 'disable', it is already on. If it reads 'enable' click and restart Chrome.

So how do you go about rotating PDF on Chrome?

Step 1: Open the PDF in a new tab
Open the PDF document that you want to rotate in a new tab. Right click anywhere on the document.

Step 2: Rotate the PDF
Go to the context menu and choose the orientation to which you want to change the document. See the image here:

Step 3: Save the PDF
Click 'print', choose 'save as PDF' and then save. You can now download the rotated document.

3#: How to Rotate PDF in Google Drive

Step 1: Open the PDF
Open the PDF file you want to rotate

Step 2: Click on the print button
Clicking the print button brings the print overlay window with the various printing options.

Step 3: Select Cancel
Selecting cancel takes you back to the PDF, but not in the usual Google Drive viewer.

Step 4: Choose the orientation of the PDF
From the current viewer, right mouse on your PDF. A pop-up menu allows you to choose the orientation of the document.

Step 5: Save the new file.

4#: How to Rotate PDF on iPad

For you to rotate PDF on your iPad, you need to first transfer the files to the iPad. There are 3 ways to do this. All these options need you to have the GoodReader app. Let us focus on one:

Using iTunes

Step 1: Connect the iPad to a PC or desktop using a USB cable.

Step 2: Open iTunes on the desktop or PC.

Step 3: On the left, click on the iPad name.

Step 4: At the top, click the Apps button.

If the apps are not displayed on the screen, click 'File' and select 'transfer purchases' from the name of your iPad.

Step 5: The apps should be displayed under the heading 'File Sharing'.

Step 6: Click on the GoodReader app.

Step 7: Click the 'add' button below the first file. A pop-up dialogue appears allowing you to search for files.

Step 8: Highlight the files you intend to transfer.

Step 9: Click 'open'. The files will transfer to the iPad. The file lists repopulate with the files that you have just added.

Step 10: Open the files in GoodReader.

Now that you have the PDF files on your iPad, you can rotate them.

How to rotate:

You can use the navigation tools on GoodReader to rotate the PDF files. This works for scanned PDF documents with the undesired orientation. You can use the 'rotate tool'. Here is how to go about it:

Step 1: Tap the 'rotate' icon to activate it

Step 2: A menu with a number of options appears. Tap to choose the orientation that you want.

5#: How to Rotate PDF in OneNote

Inserting a PDF into OneNote is, in essence, printing it. OneNote refers to it as 'a file printout', thus, it invokes a print command. OneNote to an extent 'decides' the layout the page is printed. There is no rotate feature for printouts. So how do you rotate a PDF file on OneNote?

Step 1: Open the file first

Open the PDF file first, instead of 'insert' then 'file printout'.

Step 2: Use the print command in the source of the file

If you are using the file in Adobe reader, for instance, use the print option there.

Step 3: Choose the PDF file’s orientation

Choose the orientation you want your PDF to appear in, whether you want to invert PDF or rotate it to another orientation. This inserts the PDF into OneNote, but with the intended orientation.

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