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  • Pros: 

    Turn your idea into reality, no special skill required.

  • Cons:Single function.
  • Support OS: Mac OS X 10.6 or later.
  • The Verdict:10/10
  • Can you imagine that one day you can paint your idea with smoke? Neatberry Fumy provides you with the chance to paint what's in your brain with simple but unusual tools. You can use the unique brush to turn your stunning idea into paintings! All you need is to move your mouse and after a few minutes, you get your ideas painted.
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Only $14.99

fumy create smoke arts

Create your smoke arts

Have you ever used a bitmap creator tool? If you have, then you might find our Neatberry Fumy close to a regular bitmap editor. The Neatberry Fumy supports a variety of image formats and when you're done with your work, you can output your drawings in the ". Fumy" format. When you get to use our Neatberry Fumy to paint your idea, you will discover that though the tools in Neatberry Fumy are unusual, they are quite simple to use. You don't need to be skilled in art tool and no prior experience is needed. You can simply enjoy all the fun of creating and experiencing. Paint what's in your mind on the canvas by using light and smoke and admire the whole formation process. You can let go of your imagination now!

Experience useful tools

You can make use of the simple tools provided by Neatberry Fumy to better express your ideas. The Smoke tool is the main tool to create your paintings. You can use it to paint. If you want to delete unwanted data, you can use the Eraser tool. The Move tool allows you to move the whole layer. You can use it to arrange your drawing and put it in the exact position you need. When you need to add color to your layers, use the Bucket tool. You can fill the whole background with the color you select by one click or you can clean it by choosing a transparent color. All these tools are useful and easy to use.
fumy useful tools
fumy layers

Powerful Blend modes of layers

You can edit your layers in our Neatberry Fumy the way you do in other bitmap editors. In Neatberry Fumy, you can blend your layers accordingly for each layer is independent. You can choose from the three modes to blend your layers: “Add”, “Subtract” and “Normal”. In the “Add” mode, you add the first layer on top of the second one. “Subtract” mode allows you to turn the bottom layer into the top layer. The last mode is traditional alpha-blending mode of layers. You can also use add layers, remove layers, and load layers. All the settings are adjustable.

A variety of Parameters

Our Neatberry Fumy allows you to use its rich parameters to create your own picture. You can change your color while you're drawing by using Flow. If you want to define a color, you can use Range to select all the neighboring colors. Intensity allows you to change the brightness of your trace of points. Fluency helps you control the movement of points. You can choose either chaos or smoothness. There are still more parameters you can use, for example, Gravity, Density and Quality. Make use of these parameters and come up with your beautiful and unique pictures.
fumy various parameters

Neatberry FumyPaint Your Ideas!

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