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  • Pros: 

    Easily make your images more artistic.

  • Cons:Lack of different editing tools.
  • Support OS: Mac OS X 10.6 or later.
  • The Verdict:10/10
  • Are you tired of looking at those boring photos? Now you have PhotoStyler. With this creative product, you can create your own photo styles and impress your friends. PhotoStyler allows you to style your photos with its wonderful presets and powerful tools. You can create your unique style in less than a minute. It is highly automatic.
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Only $22.49

photostyler retro and vintage effect

Retro and Vintage effect

Do you want to make your photo look real? There are two ways that you can use. Firstly, you can use the Retro and vintage color effect. Want to make your photo look like as if shot in the past? Want to style your photo with a taste of the 30’s? You can do it with the Retro and vintage color preset. If you want your photo to be instilled with a taste of daily life, you can also do it with our filters “Tatter”, “Scratches”, “Overlay” and “Texturize”. Combine them to create traces like coffee spots, finger traces and scratches on your photo. You can always create your style and add life to your images!

Create your combination of presets

The PhotoStyler offers you a variety of presets so that you can create your own photo styles. All the presets are pre-built in the program and you can use them directly. If you need to modify them, you can also change the setting or combine one preset with another. If you are satisfied with the results, you can save them to your computer. There are presets that bring your photos amazing effects, and you will be surprised if several of them are used together in one photo. For example, you can combine "Polaroid", "Frame" and "Caption" to create a unique style for you images. You are encouraged to explore all our presets in the built-in library.
photostyler presets
photostyler different tools

Make full use of each tool

Besides filters and presets, you can also use our powerful tools to apply to your photos other amazing effects. If you are a huge fan of 3D movies, you can add to your photo a taste of 3D effects. If you want your photos to look fun and attracting, you can add special frames to your images. You are also allowed to add your own illustrative texts to bring out the story in your photos. Other effects such as shadows, frames and color styling are also available. If you want things to be more professional, you can use the Filter Masking. You can always find one tool that meets your need!

Edit your photos easily

If you need to pose your photo on your personal web page or your social networks, you can also use our special tool to revise the size of your photos or get rid of the part you don't want. You can do it easily thanks to the Batch-processing and Resize & Crop filters. Experience the convenient photo processing yourself! You can have hundreds of photos edited in less than a minute. You will fall in love with our PhotoStyler and its advanced technology soon.
photostyler edit photos easily

Neatberry PhotoStylerStyle Your Photos!

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