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  • Pros: 

    Parents can use this app to track their child’s phone and employers to monitor their employees day to day phone activities.

  • Cons: There are no shortcomings at this price point for this software
  • The Verdict:10/10
  • Support OS:iPhone/Android
  • Spymaster Pro s a user-friendly mobile application for remote monitoring of your children, preventing theft or employees’ activity on their smartphones/tablets. Activities to be tracked include: Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat , call log history, GPS location, calendar updates, text messages, emails, web history, and much more. Just take a few minutes to create your online mSpy account and you can begin to use it immediately.
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call logs tracking

Track Text Messages and Call Logs

  • Easily view all call logs i.e. (incoming/outgoing) calls with time and duration of the target phone
  • Also, find out the contact name and the phone number of a particular call logs
  • Look out for the text messages that were sent or received via target user’s phone.
  • Check Emails

  • Just like intercepting call logs, text messages and GPS location, Spymaster Pro can help you track emails as well
  • As a user, you can read all the emails and view the contact of email sent and received from the target user’s phone
  • email tracking
    internet tracking

    Monitor Internet Web Browsing History

  • Effortlessly view the web browsing history done by the target user on his/her phone
  • Also, get detailed view of the content that was been browsed by target user via any web browser i.e. Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  • You can also see if a target user is or has done appropriate browsing on the web browser or not
  • Check all Multimedia Files

  • Easily track all multimedia files that are stored on the target user phone
  • Directly access these albums or files and see what the target use has stored in it
  • These multimedia files includes photos and videos
  • files tracking


  • These are the basic features offered to customers at this price label.
  • Further, we have received a positive feedback from our customers regarding features and price tag as per market perspective
  • Also, we have an excellent support team who are always dedicated to serve its customers
  • This adds an added advantage that customers receive from us.

    Spymasterpro for Android/iPhoneUltimate Software for Phone Monitoring

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