Quick Tips for Uploading to YouTube from Davinci Resolve

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Social media has modified the world. One of the largest social media platforms, YouTube, has more than one billion users. With a YouTube channel, you can create videos for personal or business use. There are tons of video editing softwares in the market. DaVinci Resolve is one of the most distinguished tools. If you wonder how to quickly upload videos to YouTube with DaVinci Resolve, then I must say you come to the right place.

Part 1: Best Export Settings Recommended by YouTube

1. Format

Concerning YouTube's recommendations, videos should be exported in MP4 video format.

MP4 was based on the MOV format and developed as the standard in the video industry. There are problems with copyright violations because of the MP4's ability for fast streaming over the internet. Both MOV and MP4 can be used to compress lossy video in the same way. They are interchangeable in the Quick Time environment as well. MOV format outside of Quick Time is most problematic for the users, while MP4 can run smoothly on most operating systems because it is designed to industry-standard, therefore has more support and consequently, the recommended video format for uploading YouTube videos is also MP4 format.

2. Codec

A video codec H.264 is recommended; the best audio codec is AAC-LC.

3. Resolution

Resolution refers to the number of pixels that are displayed in each dimension. The larger the resolution, the better is the quality of the footage. 1080p is the standard HD resolution used by most creators on YouTube, but it's not the largest.

4. Aspect ratio

The standard aspect ratio for YouTube on a computer is 16:9. When uploading other aspect ratios (vertical, square, etc.), the player automatically adapts itself to the video's size, giving the best viewing experience based on the aspect ratio and device.

5. Frame rate

YouTube supports several frame rates between 24 and 60 fps (frames per second).

6. Bitrate

Bitrate differs depending on the resolution but should be large to include YouTube's compression. The best audio bitrate for Youtube is 384 kbps (stereo).

recommended exporting setting for youtube

Part 2: How to Upload Video to YouTube via DaVinci Resolve

- Step 1. YouTube account must be paired within Resolve. To do this, select DaVinci Resolve from the menu bar and select Preferences. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl+ on the keyboard to quickly bring up the preferences panel. Find Internet Accounts within the pop-up menu and click Sign-in with YouTube.

- Step 2. Resolve will need the authority to publish to YouTube. Before doing so, the conditions must be read so that there is no problem in giving a third-party app access to your YouTube account.

- Step 3. After the accounts are linked, it is possible to upload to YouTube directly. On the delivery page, select the YouTube export preset, and adjust the profile to your desired render settings. Then, at the bottom of the menu, check the Upload to YouTube checkbox. You can perform this operation on any page using the Quick Export.

- Step 4. You can then add the video file to the render queue and hit Start Render. Now, two things will happen: first, your video will render to the chosen file path; second, your video will upload to YouTube. If you open your YouTube dashboard, you'll see the upload in process.

- Step 5. Since Resolve exports first, it will not be just a digital export but a complete render. Resolve will upload the video to YouTube in a private setting. So, you're not going to have to rush to change the privacy setting of the video, but keyword tags and video descriptions will be added. The title of the render will become the title of the YouTube upload.

Another choice to export to YouTube - Fimora Video Editor

There are various ways and editors which are used to upload videos to YouTube. The basic steps for uploading videos to YouTube with the help of DaVinci Resolve have been explained above. Filmora Video Editor is another powerful software used for giving videos a more professional look.

upload to youtube with filmora x

Filmora Video Editor – multi-function video editing program

  • It provides users all the tools to make videos, which could then be exported to YouTube and other social media outlets.
  • It includes video cropping, split large files into segments or extract selected segments of files as new files, rotating videos, adjust the speed of videos, audio denoising, and PIP effect.
  • With a few simple clicks, you are able to fast export video to YouTube.
Download For Win 7 or later (64-bit)
Download For macOS 10.12 or later

To upload a completed video directly to YouTube, you need to click the option of YouTube on the top menu, then enter your account, select the category of your video, name the video, and select its quality and description, finally upload it.

how to export to YouTube via Filmora Video Editor


The world is changing every day, and the influence of social media on people's lives is also growing every day. There is a continuous increase in the number of YouTube users over the years. The demand for YouTube channels is to create innovative and good quality videos to attract people. For this purpose, there are many video editors, and YouTube recommended settings that can be used to make the best quality videos. Some of those video editing tools are DaVinci Resolve and Filmora Video Editor, which have many tools to make good quality videos, and later on could be directly linked with YouTube or uploaded on YouTube.

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