How to Get Siri on iPhone 4 and iPhone 5

Yeah, Siri is no doubt the most eye-catching application of the iPhone 4S and new iPhone 5. It undersatand what you say and knows what you mean. It helps you do the things you do everyday. iPhone 5 is said to have in-build Siri in its new iOS.  


Because Siri is only available on iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s, iPhones with older older version are not likely to use Siri. Someone who want to find the voice recognition app similar to Siri is recommended to try Dragon Go and Vlingo. Here I will demonstrate the apps Dragon Go and Vlingo.

Dragon Go, an app similar to Siri on iPhone 5

No. 1  Dragon Go

Pros: Slick sliding-tabs ("carousel") interface. Make full use of those applications that you have installed on your iPhone

Cons: The operation might be slow sometimes. It only supports iPhone 5, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS, but not any older version of iPhone. Also, you are not allowed to customize the carousel tabs.

Go to iTunes Store and download: Dragon Go

Siri on iPhone 4

No. 2  Vlingo

It is known as a voice assistant for iPhone, even recognized as the original application in voice service for phone. You can install it for totally free. With this Siri-like voice assistant, you are able to do a lot of things on your iPhone 4(or new iPhone 5) only by speaking. You can:

  • Post updates to Twitter and Facebook
  • Run a Web search
  • Look up destinations on a map
  • Make a call
  • Write and send text messages and e-mails

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Pros: Both U.K. and American English can be recognized.

Cons: A little bit poor in accuracy. You need to connect some apps. A handful of touch gestures required for a voice-controlled app. 

Go to iTunes Store and download: Vlingo

Siri on iPhone 4

See, quite similar to Siri, isn't it? After testing, the Siri-like application, say Vlingo, works perfectly. Amazingly, it is quite accurate.

But, it has falling grades, too. You have to open this Siri application on iPhone 4 (iPhone 5) manually, and press the activation button or press and hold the button to activate the app.

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What's the difference between Dragon Go, Vlingo and Siri

Siri on iPhone 4

 We’ll keep a close eye on Siri for iPhone 5 and update it here. So just Rss us and get the latest news about iPhone. If you can't wait, just get iPhone 5 on Amazon, Apple, Sprint, Verzon, AT&T and anywhere you like.

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How do you get siri on iphone 4?
this means no useful to buy anew I phone 4,,as the quality program not so good like siri ????
I fined a new I phone 4 ist satisfied alternative service of siri ??? I mean the quality of recognition of the voice and answering????
Please email the siri install to me!! Thanks ^_^
I bought an iPhone 5 for 199$ adding an extra line in Dec and just sent it back to AT&T. I\'ve always had an iPhone, I have a 4 also with Siri on it (tho I never use her), iPhone 5 looks like shite compared to the 4 and 4S. The body has cheap looking metal on it that scratches too easy, the screen is longer but thinner, other than that and it being slightly faster it wasn\'t worth the money I mean really they could have stepped it up a little bit. I got a refund.
this is awesome!
I got mine for free on black Friday haha, I didn\'t even plan on getting anything and then I ended up with a free one ;p
I got an IPhone 4 at SAMs Club for 50.00
lol why buy a siri key? there is a way to get it free with the jailbreak
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