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  • Pros: 

    Change aspect ratio of pictures with the original quality & integrity.

  • Cons: Limited functions.
  • Support OS: Mac OS X 10.7 or later, Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista
  • The Verdict:10/10
  • Teorex Intelligent Resizer makes it easier to rescale images without deforming or cropping the content. If you are just looking for a tool to adjust the aspect ratio of your photos, or change the spacing between two person in one photo, Teorex iResizer would be a wonderful choice.
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iresizer change aspect ratio

Change aspect ratio of photos without deformation

If you urgently need to remove background and cut out a person or an object from a picture, Teorex iResizer must be the best one to help save your time. With several simple steps, you will be able to achieve that and then add new background for your photo as you like. You needn't learn any special skill. It's quite easy to use.

Easily delete unnecessary spacing between main objects

You are too far away from your son in one picture? Never mind. Teorex Intelligent Resizer will help remove unnecessary spacing between you and your little son with ease. Worry about destroying the integrity of your photos? Take it easy. It will only remove boring empty space instead of erasing interesting elements. Just have a try, this feature is amazing!
iresizer delete empty space
iresizer make square photos

Make square photos for Instagram

Failed to upload 4:3 photos to Instagram? Then Teorex Intelligent Resizer will be the lifesaver. With it, you will be able to easily create 1:1 photo without cropping any part of your image. By the way, you'd better mark the areas that you want to keep intact before resizing photos.

Remove Objects from Pictures

Are you angry with an intruder who spoil your group portraits? Take it easy. Teorex iResizer can help you remove the unwanted part from your picture just like you are folding a paper photo. Then the unwelcome person, background wreckage or any object will be overlapped by other parts without doing any damage to the integrity of your image.
iresizer remove objects

Teorex iResizerResize Photos without Deforming the Subjects

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