Teorex PhotoStitcher Panorama Stitching Software

Teorex PhotoStitcher is an effective tool to produce perfect panoramic photos by collaging several overlapping pictures with only a few simple clicks. If you have no wide-angle camera to capture the overall view of seashore, this program will be a good helper.

Magically Splice Several Photos to Panorama

Is it possible to create a panorama without a high-end wide-angle camera? The answer is absolutely yes, Teorex PhotoStitcher must be the best solution. Even if your pictures are of different resolutions and shooting angles, it will help you combine them into a single panoramic photo with ease. Thus you can easily get the overall view of long coastline in one frame.

stitch photos

Why Choose Teorex PhotoStitcher

  • Create panorama from photos of different resolution, angles
  • Splice overlapping pictures into a single one
  • Automatically crop overlap
  • Complete the whole process within clicks
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to get started
  • Support various popular graphic formats
  • Require no particular skill

How it works

Teorex PhotoStitcher helps you merge multiple microscope pictures into a panoramic photo with one click. After snapping several overlapping photos of the same landscape, you can import them to this program. Here you only need to hit the "Stitch" button, and then this photo stitcher will combine them into a single panorama automatically.

Customer Feedback

Good app! I've combined three photos into one panorama with several simple clicks. Quite time-saving!

- Jenny


One-click to Stitch Your Photos to Panorama

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