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Most electronic documents are saved in PDF format these days, especially the files with lengthy documents. While PDF is a great tool, there are instances when you have to deal with the issues of not being able to highlight important information in PDF eBooks and other materials when reading for future reference. Many readers, including Adobe, will only allow users to highlight files if they have rights to the document. Here we would like to share the easy solution on how to highlight PDF easily.

Part 1: How to Highlight PDF Files on Mac Using PDF Highlighting Tool

If you are having problem with highlighting a PDF on Mac, you could opt for a program called iSkysoft PDF Editor for Mac. This is an all-one tool for Mac and it has the capabilities to convert, annotate, edit or highlight PDF text easily.

Normally we use the Highlight Text button to highlight text with yellow, green, red or other colors. In addition to highlighting text, this professional PDF highlighter provides more tools for users to annotate/mark up the content on a PDF document.

highlight pdf on mac 

Highlight in PDF on Mac with Ease

highlight in pdf

1. Highlight Texts in Yellow/Green/Pink or other Colors

You can easily highlight PDF texts on Mac with a selected color. Just click the "Highlight" button on the top right corner and select any text you want in your PDF document. The selected texts will be highlighted with the default light-yellow color.

To change to other colors like Green, go to the right side menu. In the menu that opens, click Color to pick a color you want. Then highlight PDF texts with the color you've chosen. You can also click the Show Colors button to customize your color.

Now you can use this tool to highlight important sentence and key points in a PDF. Besides highlighting, you can also underline or strike through any selected text. All these functions help you  mark the content easily. To do so, just click the Triangle button beside Highlight for a drop-down menu to select the tool  you want.

2. Highlight Text in PDF with Annotation

• Add Sticky Note and Text Box

To add a sticky note, text comment or text box, first click the "Markup" button on the toolbar and then choose "Sticky Note", "Text Comment" or "Text Box" from the tool bar, and then click on any position in the PDF document to type texts. The Sticky Note and Text Box have default colors, but you can change the colors in the right-side menu.

• Draw Line Annotations

Click the "Markup" button on top to open the menu as shown below and choose the tool you want to draw shapes on your PDF document.

• Add Free-hand Drawing and Links

Similarly, click the "Markup" button to open a menu to choose from Pencil, Eraser and Link tools. Then you're able to add free-hand drawings in your PDF document, remove drawings by the Eraser tool, and add a link to an internal PDF page or an external web page.

See the Detailed Video Tutorial

Part 2: How to Highlight PDF on Windows/PC

edit pdf windows

Highlighting PDF files is actually one of the most widely used methods for markup while reading as it helps to find vital information and organize notes. You could capture specific words throughout a document or just highlight an entire phrase or one sentence. After using the iSkysoft PDF Editor for Windows (PDF Highlighter for Windows), the highlighted documents can be saved in any location and send to others with all the emphasized areas preserved. When you highlight text in your PDF files, especially with long articles, this will make it easier for you to identify the key points easily to save lots of reviewing and studying time.

Part 3: Highlight PDF with Free PDF Highlighter

highlight pdf with preview

• For Mac Users

If you are using a Mac, you will be able to download Preview, the free Mac OS X PDF highlighter, to view, edit and highlight PDF texts. Just highlight texts in PDF with Preview by following the below simple steps.

  • Step 1: Open your PDF document with Preview on your Mac.
  • Step 2: In the main interface, go to Tools and click Annotate to select Highlight Text. Alternatively, you can just press Control + Command + H to get ready for PDF highlight.
  • Step 3: Then go to the texts in your PDF you want to highlight and drag your mouse over the texts to highlight them. Done!
highlight pdf on windows

• For Windows Users

If you are working on Windows PC, you can highlight PDF with Adobe Reader. Normally when you open a PDF file on Windows, it will be opened in Adobe Reader by default unless you have other alternative programs. This free PDF highlighter allows you to view, highlight and make small modification on PDF documents.

  • Step 1: Open your PDF in Adobe Reader.
  • Step 2: Click the “T” (the highlight text button) to begin to highlight PDF.
  • Step 3: Click your mouse and drag it over the texts to highlight them.

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This is one of the best articles I came across on PDF documents. I will recommend author to keep posting such guides. Thank a lot.
Great tutorial, I was really looking for this type of program since a long time. Initially i thought there will be no software for highlighting the pdf software. But this program seems to be really awesome.
Amber Raulston
It is very easy to highlight PDF text on Mac. Even if you do not have much experience on the computer, you could do it. I feel that my aunt who has never really been on a computer could do it with these simple to follow instructions. Much thanks:)
So easy PDF highlighter Mac to highlight PDF files on my Mac lion, it has solved my problems now, happy.

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