There are times when you will come across a PDF document that contains a watermark. You may have added a watermark to a PDF file and now need to remove it for further editing and use. The watermark is there to protect the document from unauthorized printing and copying and to protect copyrights. Many times the watermark is so dark that you cannot read the PDF document. Now, I will teach you a way to remove watermark from PDF in a few clicks.

Part 1. How to Remove Watermark from PDF on Mac (Yosemite)

pdf watermark remover

There is a simple way for removing watermark from PDF files on Mac. iSkysoft PDF Editor for Mac plays the role of a PDF watermark remover tool that allows you directly remove watermark in PDF on a Mac (Yosemite).

In addition to adding and deleting watermark in PDF, you can also use this PDF editing tool to compile your PDF document with options like merge, split, crop, rotate, annotate, and sign PDF and more. Download the program to explore more amazing features.

Follow the below simple guide about removing watermarks from PDF on your Mac OS X computer including MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, iMac, Mac Pro, etc.

What You Will Need:

A Computer;
iSkysoft PDF Editor for Mac

Time Required:

Around 1 min



remove watermark from pdf

Step 1. Open Your Watermark Protected PDF File

After you have installed and launched the PDF watermark removal tool, directly load your file which you want to remove the watermark by clicking the "Open File" button.

remove watermark from pdf mac

Step 2. Start Removing Watermarks from PDF on Mac

Then you can click the "Watermark" button at the top of the toolbar. Next select the remove watermark option. You can also access the watermark removing option by clicking "Document" > "Watermark" > "Remove Watermark".

You will be prompted to either save the PDF document or discard changes. To permanently remove the watermark from the PDF on Mac, save the watermark removal and you will have a clean document to work with.

You can use the PDF watermark removal tool within the program without needing to convert the PDF to a text or word file first.

Part 2. How to Remove PDF Watermark on Windows (Windows 8)

remove pdf watermark

If you are running on a Windows system, you need a PDF Editor to remove the watermark from your PDF file in Windows. Fortunately, iSkysoft also provides a PDF Editor for Windows acting as a professional PDF watermark removal that allows you to remove a watermark from PDF on your computer, including the newly Microsoft Windows 8 system. Aside from removing watermarks from PDF, this PDF Editing software also allows you to make more settings for your PDF files, such as encrypt PDF file with password, convert PDF to various document format, create PDF from sundry files, annotate PDF, etc.

Below is step-by-step guide for deleting watermarks from PDF on Windows computer.

What You Will Need:

A Computer;
iSkysoft PDF Editor for Windows

Time Required:

Around 1 min



pdf remove watermark

Step 1. Load Watermarked PDF File

After you have successfully downloaded and installed the Windows PDF watermark remover, you can then click the "Open" button to load the file that has a watermark.

how to remove a watermark from a pdf

Step 2. Delete the Watermark from PDF

Then click the "Edit" tab and then find the "Watermark" option on the toolbar. Click on it and then select "Delete Watermark" from the submenu. The watermark will be immediately removed from the file.

Part 3. Learn More about PDF Watermarks

1. What is Watermark

A digital watermark enables you to protect your personal documents from copying by others. PDF Watermarks are usually added to the PDF files, which can be text, image, page number, date, signature, logo, and so on.

2. How to Remove PDF Watermark for Free

Google Docs (known as Google Drive) is a freeware PDF manager which allows you to convert PDF to Microsoft Word format. Open the output Word document with Google Docs or installed Microsoft Word program, you can see the watermark is displaying. Convert the Word doc to PDF again, Save the Word doc file as a PDF file again (need a Word to PDF Converter to complete this step), there is no watermark on the new PDF file. However, this is a complex process. At last, we suggest you resume to above solution with a few clicks.

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how to find permission password which is required for editing?
Hi, the Document option is on the gray header bar of your screen. You can purchase the full version to remove watermark and explore more cool features.
there is no "document" in the pull down menu. Do I have to buy to test?
Hi, After running the program, you will see a green bar on the top of your screen (as shown in the above picture). Click the "Document" menu first and then select "Watermark" from the drop-down list. From there, you can choose "Remove watermark".
No option to remove the watermark. I have tried mac and PC versions. Can't find one to work yet.
I just purchased PDF Editor, and do not have a 'Documents' menu in the header bar available to me. Suggestions?
JetSetRadio Wolf
I have windows, and I can't figure this out. Someone please help me.
Hi employee i have the same problem i will email you my files now
Yesterday, i got a file from a client and it have a watermark in it so i need to remove the watermark and use it for some designing purpose. I was really confused later i found this handy program.. Thanks
Hello, The tutorial is really well explained and details from which i can easily remove any watermark from pdfs by using the iskysoft tool. thanks

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