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Although some PDFs are editable, many of them are not. You would need specialist software to edit every PDF and editing them sometimes loses the quality of the images etc. One of the main reasons why it is advisable to convert PDF to DOCX is because it makes it easier to edit and to add more images & charts. One of the frustrations with PDF is when you receive one that is un-editable or password protected, hence why you would need to convert it to DOCX to be able to use them. Finally some computers find it very hard to open PDF despite being a universally acceptable format. This can be caused by having outdated software or lack of processing power. In this article, we are going to discuss how you can be able to convert PDF to DOCX.

Part 1. How to Convert a PDF to DOCX on Mac

pdf to docx

Converting PDFs can be challenging without the right software. This is why we recommend iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac. This software is all-inclusive for all PDF related activities. It not only enables you to edit PDFs but it goes a step beyond. It gives you a competitive advantage where you can edit PDFs with texts, images, links and watermarks. Furthermore, you can combine and split PDFs with a drag-drop feature. You can also convert your PDFs to word and many other document types in simple steps.

It is an easy process to download to your computer. Once it is downloaded, move the document to your Applications Folder to ensure it is fully installed on your Mac. Here is a step-by-step guide to converting PDFs to DOCX on Mac.

Step 1. Open Your PDF with the Program

Launch the software and then click the "Convert PDF" button. The command will open up with a document you select from your folders. Once the document is loaded, you can click the "Add Files" button to import more files.

Step 2. Activate the Conversion Process

In the conversion window, you need to select "DOCX" as the output format and specify where to save the finished Word document. Click "Convert" to start the process. iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro will convert the PDF in seconds. After that, you can find your new converted Word document where it is saved.

Part 2. How to Convert from PDF to DOCX on Windows

convert pdf to docx free

Editing and converting PDFs on Windows with iSkysoft PDF Editor for Windows is easy and straightforward. The software has the following main features.

  • Add or remove content within your PDF.
  • Secure your PDFs with password to prevent others from editing it, printing or simply opening it.
  • Convert your PDF into MS Office, PowerPoint, Excel, different image formats such as PNG and JPG, eBook format of ePub etc.
  • Merge different PDFs into one large PDF or split PDF into different set of pages.
  • Edit any scanned PDF files using PDF OCR.

With so many features there is almost nothing you cannot do with iSkysoft PDF Editor for Windows. Here is a step-by-step guide to edit and convert a PDF to a DOCX on Windows using this smart tool.

Step 1. Launch the Software

After downloading and installing the software, you then need to launch it and click the "Convert PDF" button to add your PDF to the program. Before start converting a PDF to DOCX file format, you can click "Add Files" to import more PDFs for conversion if necessary.

Step 2. Convert PDF into Word DOCX

In the conversion windows, select "Convert to DOCX" and the software will ask you where you want the converted document saved and it will be done in an instant after clicking on "Convert".

PDFs are widely used and sent via emails and online. It is always advised to ensure all your documents are protected and secured with password. Of course the safest way to ensure no one abuses your documents is to make sure you send them to the right people. But in the case they fall into the wrong hands, it is important to put passwords on all confidential or important documents. Password protected documents are only open able by individuals with the right password. (Learn how to password protect PDF)

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Sohail hussian
Great one, already using the program and it works very great. We can easily convert our pdf files into word documents.
Converting PDF to .docx format on Mac OS X has never been easier for my friend. This is easy to use and will get the job done that you want it to get done.
This seems so easy and really helpful! I'll download the PDF Converter for Mac soon so I can start converting files. I hope there's also a free software to edit these pdf files. That would be handy!
Besides word doc, what are the other formats we can convert PDF to? This is quite useful especially for projects. Thanks!
This is a great software especially for work and projects. I've been looking for a reliable and easy to use PDF Converter for Mac. I'm so glad that I found it here!
Thanks for this guide as I'm not that savvy when it comes to new software. Just downloaded your PDF Converter and will try it real soon. thanks
Tried the free download and convert some PDF file. Thanks for the tutorial! I'm impressed with the result. I'm interested to buy the full version if it's available for more great features.
Very handy! Now it would be easier to convert PDF to other file formats on my Mac thanks to PDF Converter Pro for Mac. :)
Could I find a free PDF converter for Mac OS X as good as PDF Converter Pro?
Yep, no problems here on mountain lion either - glad this app is ready for it.

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