For saving the files on Maxtor external hard drive, the head of the drive reads the files and writes data on the disc plates. Usually, these disc plates are fabricated from a strong material like aluminum and glass. This is because such materials are anti-magnetic. You can lose data on Maxtor hard drive in either of the logical or physical ways. But whatever is the reason behind data loss, the situation is very concerning and you need to take effective measures for Maxtor data recovery.

Part 1. The Best Maxtor Data Recovery Software

Although the markets are jam-packed with numerous data recovery tools that claim to recover data from any hard drive, we have picked the best software for recovering data on Maxtor external hard drive. iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac (or iSkysoft Data Recovery for Windows) is specifically designed for retrieving any data type from any of the internal or external media storage devices.

If your computer can easily recognize the Maxtor hard drive but is unable to read the files inside it, Recoverit (IS) for Mac is what you need. This tool features four outstanding data recovery modes along with other remarkable features for allowing safest and fastest data recovery. The powerful scanning offered by the application is highly effective when it comes to Maxtor data recovery. It can recover any data type such as videos, music, photos, documents, archive files and more.

Why Choose This Maxtor Data Recovery Software:

  • The user interface of this program is very attractive and intuitive. Even a novice can use it with ease.

maxtor data recovery

  • The tool has an option to preview your files before actually recovering them to your system.
  • You can also use its "Deep Scan" option for more detailed and extensive scanning of the external hard drive.
  • It performs read-only process which is great for recovering data in its original and unchanged form.

Step-by-Step Guide to Recover Lost Photos on Mac

Step 1 Set Up the Maxtor Data Recovery Software

Download the program and install it on your Mac. Now insert your Maxtor external hard drive into the system. When you will run the application, you will see the file types. Now please select the file types to recover. Then hit "Next".

launch the program

Step 2 Scan for Lost Data

Next you will see a list of all the logical drives connected to your system. In case, the Maxtor hard drive is not visible in the list, click on refresh icon. It will bring all the drives on your screen. Now select the drive and click on "Start" button above the list.

scan the drive

Step 3 Preview and Recover Lost Data

As soon as the scanning process is completed successfully, all the found folders will be displayed on the program's interface on its left side. You can preview the folder and its contents to find the exact files you were looking for. After selecting the files, click the "Recover" button. All you have to do now is to save the retrieved files to some folder and click "OK" to restore all the data to your Mac.

You can also mark the "Deep Scan" box at the bottom of the list. This will initiate a more powerful scanning process. Deep scanning may take more time than the normal scan but it will undoubtedly increase the success rate of recovery greatly.

maxtor data recovery

It is very important to keep in mind that you don't save the files again to the same drive because chances of overwritten or even damaged files is the highest here. Restore these files to some other drive for safe and protected data.

Part 2. More Tips on Maxtor Hard Drive

Maxtor is one of the technical industries which serve the customers with high standards of hard drives. They provide the customers with efficient hard drives at affordable price tags with different features. The Maxtor hard drives were available in the market in the form of internal and external drives. The advantages of the Maxtor's external hard drive are that it can be connected to the Mac system through a simple USB. Moreover the data stored in this drive enjoys high level of security. This external hard drives can be purchased based on the storage capacity. If you want to store more data then opt for 1.5TB drive else for smaller storage capacity you can purchase 500GB drive. It is available at stylish looks with strong shield. You can purchase this external drive in an online mode and receive them at your door step without much difficulty.

maxtor data recovery

The Maxtor's internal hard drive is highly recommendable for high performance system. This drive is very easy to install with your PC. Several recovery processes have been successful at the time of any internal drive failure. It is a wise choice to opt for Maxtor's internal hard drive to increase the storage capacity within the system. This drive is suitable for high performance systems. All these products come along with the warranty. The Maxtor's internal hard drive is sold in the market at affordable price tags. You can perform quick operations on the data stored in the internal drive without any difficulty. You can access the data stored in the Maxtor's internal hard drive at a higher speed rate when compared to other types of hard drives. In short, Maxtor's hard drive has many advantages when compared to other drives. In general it establishes a faster drive performance features and stores the data in a wise manner for speedy recovery.

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