Filmora Video Editor v9.3

The best video editing software to create stunning videos with full-featured editing tools and impressive effects.

New Features

V 9.3

Beat Markers

Easily create and add beat markers to audio clips.Create projects with exciting moments.

Title Templates

More than 120 animated title templates and about 50 new transitions are available.

Split Buttons

Using the splitting button on the playhead to edit and split clips faster.

Color Correction

Enhance the color of a video clip fast within one click.

V 9.3.6

February 27, 2020

Resolved an issue that may prevent user from uploading finished videos to YouTube directly.

V 9.3.0

January 15, 2020

1.Beat Detection: make it easier to edit to music by automatically adding beat markers to audio clips.
2.New Titles & Transitions:120 new animated title templates and 50 new transitions.
3.3D LUT Effect Layer: save time and effort by adding 3D LUTs as effect layers and stretching them over multiple clips for a true Hollywood look
4.Group Clips:organize your clips better by linking clips together to move them as a unit.
5.Copy Clip Effects: edit faster by copying changes (i.e. color correction settings or applied filters) from one clip and pasting them onto other clips.
6.Easy Split:edit faster by splitting clips with a button on the playhead.

V 9.2.12

December 25, 2019

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