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Filmora Video Editor v9.1

The best video editing software to create stunning videos with full-featured editing tools and impressive effects.

New Features

V 9.1

Up to 100 Editing Tracks

Allows more text tracks and more music tracks (up to 100). Easily Apply filters, transitions, and other effects to any track.

High Resolution Previews

Give you a new experience to preview your video with more clarity. Capture high resolution still frames.

Enhanced Video Stabilization

Upgraded stabilization tool help you to smooth out shaky footage with ease.

PC/Mac Cross-Compatibility

Create new projects on a Mac or PC computer with Filmora9 and continue working on the project in either OS.

V 9.1.0

March 20, 2019

1.Brand new version with numerous enhancements!
2.More flxieble timeline.
3.Faster speed.
4.HD preview.
5.Proxy Editing workflow.
6.Filmora "Effect Store" is now upgraded to the brand-new stock file service-"FilmStocks”. It provides not only Filmora Effect Packs (Filmora Templates), but also royalty-free music tracks, sound effects, stock video footage ,stock photos and royalty free pictures,and more effect templates!

V 8.7.6

December 25, 2018

1.Stability enhancement and minor bug fixes.
2.Messange Center utilizes new mechamism.

V 8.7.5

October 09, 2018

Fix an error when import media from Facebook.

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