PDF Editor Pro for Mac

iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro is an all-in-one solution to edit and annotate PDF files, including scanned PDFs. It also lets you create and convert between PDF and other types of files.

New Features

V 5.7

V 5.7.1

February 13, 2017

Fixed some bugs.

V 5.7.0

December 26, 2016

Added new interaction feature when selecting texts: now you can make zone selection by using mouse while holding the Alt key.;Now support resuming to the last view position on the document when re-opening the previously opened PDF.;Improved the processes for downloading and installing OCR plugin.;Now you will receive a notification during text editing if no compatible font can be found when matching the font type.;Support automatically retaining the pre-defined attributes of underlined and strikethroughed text.;When editing text, resizing the textbox won't change the scale of text now.;Instead, hold the Alt key to proportionally scale the text size.;Improved the paragraph editing results when handling form embedded documents.;Fixed the some of the redaction issues on path and images.;Some bugs fixes and a few minor improvements on user experience.

V 5.6.1

November 22, 2016

Support changing DPI setting to higher resolution when performing OCR on a single scanned PDF.;Support performing OCR on selected page only.;Additional OCR language support to Swedish, Finnish, Danish and Norwegian.;Support pause and resume when downloading OCR plugin.;Support batch OCR of multiple scanned PDF files.;Support moving an object with arrow keys.;The bookmarks of PDF will be displayed by default when the view option is set in auto mode.;Enhanced support for Variable Text in PDF files.;Improved performance for redaction feature with higher accuracy and speed.;Fixed a potential issue where the access password and the permission password protected PDF fail to convert for the second time.;Fixed an issue that may cause loss of data after document is saved.;Fixed an issue where users are unable to type in certain special characters in some languages, such as Spanish.;Fixed an issue where cursor moved by itself to the beginning of the current paragraph when deleting text.;Fixed a potential crash issue caused by inserting character in the paragraph mode.;Fixed incorrect display of bold and italic font styles.;Fixed invalid cursor position error caused by wrong text direction when pasting paragraph.;Fixed an issue where image turns black after redaction.;Fixed an issue where invalid form fields won't display.;Fixed an issue where combination settings for form fields were marked as invalid.;Fixed an issue which caused the property of link object appears to be incorrect.

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