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Outstanding Software

Having about 50 books in a .pdf format it next to impossible to read them on a "Kindle Paper White" since the print is so small one needs a magnifying glass to read the text and I don''t want to burn up a computer reading a 300 page book using Adobe or some other reader. I''ve seen other so-called .pdf converters and they were junkware. This product is outstanding. It has a built in OCR which coverts numbers and other symbols to text so they can be read. I simply bring the converted .ePub into Calibre and convert it to either .mobi or .azw3.

by Gareth Thomas | 2015-07-16 12:46:01

Perfect Program for PDF

I''ve searched a long time for such a program like this. It has all the features I need. Our ICT department want to install this program on all our computers!

by Ruud | 2014-06-24 11:31:12

PDF Editor Pro for Mac - Another Name for Magic!

Working under great time pressure to complete a memo the other day, I bumped from one frustration to the other as I tried in vain to edit a PDF document (using the standard PDF software) by adding text and images, and integrating those contents and those of a Word document into a larger PDF document, I truly wished I had access to an incredibly powerful PDF-editing software such as iSkysoft's PDF Editor Pro for Mac. It is truly magical in its power, elegance, capability and simplicity. It is without question by far the best PDF Editor ever developed. Having tried it out, I cannot imagine any PDF editing attempt now and in the future without it.

by Strategicmove | 2014-03-11 17:31:42

Easy PDF Creation for anyone

I like the option to be able to create a PDF file from an online webpage. This is very useful for some items that I want to archive. The PDF file is very portable and easy to manipulate with this software. Easy editing and conversion options too. Being able to add text and links allows me to customize an existing PDF file to make it my own, even by adding a link on the cover page to my own blog. This is useful as it means I can give away many free ebooks to my site visitors and use them as promotion, since they are branded with my site info. Then I don't have to actually write the ebook. I can just customize using iSkysoft PDF Editor for Mac and insert whatever text or links I want and it becomes something I'm proud to share with others.

by Jenni | 2013-12-28 11:01:54

Flawless software, use it everyday

On several occasions, I've used the iSkysoft PDF editor for Mac as well as the iskysoft-editor Pro software to create beautiful, professionally polished PDF documents that are worthy of publication on Amazon Kindle. My friends and coworkers are always so impressed with the results achieved. With this useful software you can easily edit and add texts, images, notes and links, making it a must have for any writer or content creator. I am a very happy iSkysoft customer for a long time now and can't wait to share the joy of iSkysoft for the holidays.

by Birdy | 2013-12-26 13:55:25

An ideal work companion

As an ebook publisher and professional writer, I recommend this software to anyone. It makes updating PDF files so easy. No reason to make a second edition PDF, when first edition can be edited so easily. I was able to update one of my own published PDF files to include more updated information and new images.

by Bethel | 2013-10-30 16:27:07

This software is so worth the price!

I was planning to spend well over $100 to have an ebook written and published with my links. Then a friend suggested the iSkysoft PDF editor for Mac which lets me insert links/text/images of my own. Now I can simply take an existing PDF and insert my own links and promotional material and then publish for distribution on my site. A very good deal on software.

by Harvey | 2013-10-30 16:26:16


This has become my best friend when it comes to editing PDF files, really simple to use, easy to get to grips with and does the job. Not sure I could ask for anymore than that?

by Zoe Brimmer | 2013-10-22 03:55:44

Smooth and reliable

Well the result of the edited pdf files are of great quality i mean it is the same as original files. So don't worry about the output files, it works great.. thanks iskysoft

by Sharooq | 2013-08-15 02:13:53

Excellent one

For a long time I had searched for a soft to help me break the inscription and covert my PDF file to a text file I could edit. The pdf files can be edited easily by using the software. highly recommended.

by Marcus | 2013-08-15 00:41:12