Filmora Video Editor for Mac v9.3

The easiest video editing software to create professional-looking videos with multiple great editing features and effects.

New Features

V 9.3

Beat Detection

Effortlessly edit audio clips with automatic beat markers.

New Titles & Transitions

120 new animated title templates and 50 new transitions.

3D LUT Effect Layer

Make your video more cinematic and like a Hollywood film.

Effectively Clips Management

Organize group clips, copy clip effects, and split clips more easily.

V 9.3.0

January 06, 2020

1.Beat Detection: make it easier to edit to music by automatically adding beat markers to audio clips.
2.New Titles & Transitions:120 new animated title templates and 50 new transitions.
3.3D LUT Effect Layer: save time and effort by adding 3D LUTs as effect layers and stretching them over multiple clips for a true Hollywood look
4.Group Clips:organize your clips better by linking clips together to move them as a unit.
5.Copy Clip Effects: edit faster by copying changes (i.e. color correction settings or applied filters) from one clip and pasting them onto other clips.
6.Easy Split:edit faster by splitting clips with a button on the playhead.

V 9.2.9

November 07, 2019

Optimized Wondershare ID login experience.

V 9.2.0

August 21, 2019

1.Preview Rendering: the Preview Render button is back, plus the new smart background preview Rendering. 
2.Split Screen Effects: added 30 animated Split Screen effects, also able to enable/disable animation.
3.Auto Ripple: automatically ripple delete (delete a clip and close the gap) and ripple trim, also able to toggle Auto Ripple on and off.
4.Shared Media Library: a new media library to store media files to use in multiple projects.
5.Photo Duration Tool: able to set duration of multiple photos to 1 frame only, make it easier to create amazing time-lapse videos.

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