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How to Rotate Video 360°

If you would like to edit the footage recorded by a GoPro or a Camera that supports 180° and 360° video recording, then 360° Video will assist you to do required edit or settings to those footages.

 filmoraPro 360 degree video

What is 360° Fisheye Converter:

Videos that get captured with two opposing 180° lenses have common usage with Samsung Gear 360 devices or others. You can convert such videos to an equirectangular format that is useful to edit using a 360° Fisheye converter.

What do you understand by 360° Video Transform:

360° Video Transform feature can get utilized by the FilmoraPro’s users to modify the positioning of a 360° video by keeping the wraparound appearance maintained. Such a feature is used effectively for wraparound maps with the 3D environment. If you apply such effect to the standard layers, then the images might get distorted in unusual ways.

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