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How to Add Video Clips to the Timeline

FilmoraPro gives you various options to insert the audio or video files to the timeline. However, if before loading them to the timeline you would like to preview or use the trim function, then visiting the Trimmer Panel section of this manual will assist you.

1. How to Place the Clips to the Timeline

One of the smart facilities that enable you to drag-drop the inserted media asset under the Media Panel anywhere on the timeline. When you are dragging the clip, a green-colored outline will appear on the video track to reflect the place where you are going to put your clip. When you hover on the chosen media assent on the timeline, the Viewer Panel reveals two frames. The left side of the structure reflects the selected media asset that already existed on the timeline, over which you were hovering at the starting point. While the right side of the second frame reflects the selected media asset over which you are hanging at the end. It already exists on the timeline.

The Overlay Clip option helps you to insert a new clip and to replace the old clip positioned at that place on the timeline. To activate the Insert clip option, hold the Shift key while you are adding the clip on the timeline. Doing so will slice up the clip at the exact point where you want to insert the new clip. Then sliced clips will give space to the original clip by moving left and right automatically.

While adding the media asset that contains both video and audio part, but you are willing to include only one. Then you can hold down the Alt key (Windows) or OPT key (Mac) to add either audio or video part to the timeline. Thus, using the Alt key (or OPT key), you can add the required media content only by discarding the other content part.

2. The Snapping Tool

The snapping option assists you to ensure that there exists no blank space in between two clips on the timeline. If you enable this feature, then it will remove any of the existed black space/frames out of the clips to avoid any unwanted space in the final version of the video.

snapping tool

Clip snapping applies to all the neighboring clips as well as to a playhead. You can use Up and Down buttons to move the playhead to the start or the end of clips.

3. Auto Create New Tracks

If there is some space above the video track or below the audio track, then you can drop a clip to that space on the timeline to create a new track automatically. As soon as you drop the clip that will occupy the newly created record.

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