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Video Transitions

If you add transitions in the mid of two clips, it will assist you in making videos smoother. Thus, you will avoid any sudden jumps between two audios, clips, or shots. Transitions get applied either at the starting of the video/audio clip or at the end of it.

audio video transition

What are Audio Transitions?

Under the Effects Panel, the Transitions- Audio has specific transitions that are used to mix any two files of an audio clip.

  • Cross Fade: Under the Cross Fade option, the level of the audio clip reduces before the cut, and the sound level increases gradually after the cut.
  • Fade: Fade transition is applicable either at the start or at the end of the audio. It fades in from the silence or fades out to the silence.

Explaining Video Transitions

Dissolve Process

  • Additive Dissolve: Under the transition, it can make the video bright.
  • Cross Dissolve: Used for time transitions in titles, text, titles or passages, Cross Dissolve is one of the most widely used in video and movie productions.
  • Dither Dissolve: It can divide a clip into pixel before and after the cut.
  • Light Leak: It can produce light leak effect during the transition, whose properties you can control under the Controls Panel.

Motion process

  • Push: Under this effect, the video can enter or exit the screen once it gets pushed. In the Controls Panel, one can adjust the amount of blur motion and the direction during the transition.
  • Slide: It can slide videos in or out of the frame. To adjust the transition properties, visit the Controls Panel.
  • Split: It can split a video into two halves that will move in a different direction. Further, you can motion blur, reverse, or border-radius setting under the Controls panel.

Wipe process

  • Clock Wipe: It can do the clockwise wiping of the video that precedes the cut. Adjustment for the transition properties gets maintained under the Controls Panel.
  • Linear Wipe: It wiped the video linearly, and to adjust the direction and feature properties one needs to move towards Controls Panel.
  • Radial Wipe: Its movement is semi-circular, where it reaches the clip end from one side and begins from the other clip. Properties that it includes are motion blur, reverse, and corner.

Zoom process

  • Cross Zoom: It can zoom in for the last frame of the ending video clip while zooming out for the starting frames of clip. To make changes in the motion blur and zoom levels visit the Controls Panel.
  • Zoom: It follows the zoom in and out of the video clips. Under the Controls panel, you can modify the border-radius and direction.

How to apply Fade to Color?

With it, you can make the color fade in or fade out for the selected one. The color properties and selection setting are under the Controls Panel.

Iris explained

One can start or end the video with the shrinking or expansion of iris shape. Further, transition properties get covered under the Controls Panel.

  • Shape: Multiple shapes like an octagon, triangle are available to choose under this head.
  • Rotation: You can rotate the iris shape of the selected one.
  • Curvature: Curve shape is changeable with its help.
  • Pinch: Shape’s points can get rearranged with the Pinch function.
  • Shift: Shifting of iris can take place either in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction.
  • Direction: It can modify or alter the transition direction.

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