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The Best way to Add and Remove Effects

Applying the Effects

Every visual/audio effect from the Effects library of FilmoraPro is usable many times on one or more clips. There are various methodologies to use an impact on a clip. However, the most suitable and the fastest way to it is the drag function. You can select a result from the effects library and apply it into the previously placed clip on the timeline.

Alternatively, you can apply an effect for the selected audio, or video clip by visiting the Effects menu under the Controls Panel. There you need to choose the required impact from the list of effects present in the software and then apply that to your project.

You can go with following actions to apply the effect on a clip:

  • Select the results (can be more than one) from Effects library and then use drag-drop to put the result on a clip that is available in the timeline.
  • Select multiple audio/videos files using the Ctrl key (for Windows) or Command key (for Mac OS). After that drag the single or multiple effects from Effects library to drop on selected clips. As soon as you drop them, it will apply to every chosen clip.
  • First, select a clip from the timeline, proceed to the Control Panels, choose Effect option, and click on the desired effect to make them applicable to the selected clip.

For a given audio track you can apply sound effects by dragging and dropping the selected effect on that particular audio track from the timeline. All the results implemented on the audio/video clips are adjustable from the Controls Panel. Visit Effects under Controls Panel, and choose triangle symbol near to an effect to open the properties. From there, you can proceed to make necessary changes to the default settings of Effects.

Understanding about Removing the Effects from Video and Audio Clips

Removing an applied effect is also possible if you are not satisfied with its results following some simple steps.

How Selected Effects get removed from a Clip:

  • From the timeline, choose the clip, then visit the Controls Panel to open the Effects section. All the available effects will be visible there, from there, select the one or more. To select multiple results, you need to hold the Ctrl key for Windows else CMD key for Mac, then choose the required impacts you wish to delete.
  • Next, click on the delete button to remove or else right click on the effects to choose Remove option from the drop-down menu.

remove effects in filmora pro

The process to remove All Effects from a Clip:

If you would like to remove all the effects from the clip, then on your timeline right-click to the clip and choose the Remove Effects option. It will remove all the applied impact, and altered settings (if any) will come back to their default values.

 remove effects

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