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Applying Visual Effects

Multiple audio and visual effects are offered by FilmoraPro that are essential to improve the image and sound quality of the videos. The application under the Effects Panel provides various visual effects.

What is Effects Panel

Under the Effects Panel, all the effects get grouped in different folders with the name mentioned on them. Thus, to locate any particular effect like 360 degree or blurs, then you need to establish that specific effect folder to apply that effect. Therefore, the Chosen impacts can get directly added to the timeline from the Effect panel.

How to go with Searching Effects?

 filmoraPro visual effects

Browsing all the given effects through the effect’s collection list might be a time-consuming process. Thus, to avoid such delay, FilmoraPro has a search box option. You can enter the required effect name or word, and the software will search for all the related effects that match the search criteria. Therefore, it makes the search process pretty easy to access and search results by the users.

To filter out a particular effect from the Menu, you can go with Show All option, that is available just below the Search Box.

The Controlling Effects

 filmoraPro controlling effects

As soon as you have located the desired effect that you want to apply on your project, you can select it by clicking on the effect. Then directly drag/drop it to the specific location on the timeline. Once it gets applied to the clip, you can further modify the properties under the Controls Panel.

At the time you are going to modify the effect settings, you must ensure beforehand that the clip gets selected on the timeline. In the Controls Panel, when you click on the Effects Menu, it will show you all the effects applied to the clip. After that, you can select the particular clip to adjust or make changes in the current values by either dragging the slider or manually entering the values.  

The Process of Preset

You can create a combination of two or more effects as a Preset basis. For example, all the 2D and 3D standardize presets can be applicable on multiple clips on the same project or different projects created under the FilmoraPro.

Applying Transitions

Many times each of the video is the combination of two or more clips that sometimes might not be appropriately aligned. In these scenarios, Transition becomes the savior under Effects Library to assist you to blend two clips with no gaps or blanks in continuation.

To apply, you first need to choose the Transition that you want to use to your project. Then visit the Effects panel to drag it directly to a required location on the timeline. These transitions are application between two adjoining clips or at the beginning/endpoint of the clips. The duration of the Transition is adjustable from the schedule directly by using left and right drag position. For adjustment of other properties, you need to visit the Effects Menu under the Controls panel.

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