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Color Grading

This is a folder having a wide range of visual effects which can be used to improve the colors of imported videos. It is advised to finish all editing functions such as cutting and trimming videos before grading colors, so the videos on all clips can be matched for uniformity.

Color Cycle

how to apply color grading effects in filmorapro

Loops from the color pallet are generated by this effect. It offers a wide range of properties to control the color channel to be used as a source for mapping the colors cycle and blend effect for the final cut.

  • Phase From: Uses presets such a Hue or Luminance to decide which channel will be used for mapping through the color cycle.
  • Phase Shift: Begin the color cycling process and enables you to fine tune each channel individually. You may create color mattes using predefined color ranges.

how to use color grading in filmorapro

Day for Night

Using this effect allows overcast shots to be turned into night scenes irrespective of the time they were shot. The footage for this effect should not have brilliant colors, and should have low direct lighting for it to seem realistic.

how to make color grading effects

The horizon option control the generation of the gradient, and the colors can be altered using the near and far options.

Horizon: Determines the splitting point between the near and far areas of the picture.


  • Red Gamma: The red levels in the pictured can be altered by dragging the slider to the left or right to increase or decrease them respectively. This effect is great for generating urban night shots which have a lot of red and orange colors.
  • Blue Gamma: The blues of the image can be altered using this effect. Landscape shots and shots lighted with natural light do well with this option.
  • Brightness: Alters the brightness of the near area.
  • Saturation: The levels of Red and Blue Gamma saturation can be determined by this option.


  • Gamma: Alters the contrast of the far area of the image.
  • Brightness: Determines how bright the far area is.
  • Hue: Determines the Hue values of the far area of the image.

edit color grading with video editor

Hue Colorize

filmorapro color grading

Quickly set the Hue values of a certain layer using this option. There are a wide range of preset values, but you can individually customize each for a better visual effect.

color grading

Hue Shift

Uses preset hue values (301 Magenta, 240 Blue, etc.), which automatically change the hue values when applied to a clip. Customize the hue values of a video clip by going through the color spectrum by spinning the Hue Shift rotation wheel. Fine tune the brightness and intensity of the hue using the Saturation and Lightness features.

hue shift color grading


Inverts the colors of the video clip to generate a negative film effect. The Inverted section does not adopt any properties so you must adjust brightness and saturation before inverting the clip.

invert color grading


Use LUT files to change your footage to mimic certain processing techniques, Hollywood movies, or specific film stocks. There are a wide range of presets LUT file, or import industry-standard .cube LUT files. The LUT file intensity can be adjusted to blend with the original colors of the footage.

lut color grading

Three Color Strip

clor strip color grading

Enhances the RGB values to mimic the technique used in early color film productions. You can use Strong Blue or Strong Yellow, and individually adjust the RGB values manually. These options should be used sparingly so as to maintain the realism of the video.

three color strip color grading

Two Color Strip

two color strip color grading

The effect simulates the two color process. Colors are converted to two colors such as those which are only captured by certain cameras. Use the dye settings to regenerate the original colors of the video.

color grading settings

Each of the effects settings has default values provided by the Icy and Halloween Presets. Filmora Pro users can customize the colors for unique effects on their video projects.


vibrance color grading

Makes the color more pronounced and vibrant by increasing the edge details through the contrast feature.

vibrance color grading in filmorapro

  • Radius: Determines the sample area radius. Use a wide sample area setting to get a natural look and feel.
  • Intensity: This determines how warm or cool a video will be. When using high intensity values, blues and greens become dominant giving the image a cool effect. The converse is true, since reds and yellows make images seem warm.
  • Iterations: Increase the video contrast by changing the number of iterations - high values will make the images seem unrealistic.


vignette color grading

By default, the vignette effect adds a black overlay to the videos edges, but this can be customized accordingly. The curvature, softness ad other settings can be individually customized to get a better visual effect. You may also use HD soft or HD Vintage for added prominence.

  • Width and Height: These sliders determine size of a vignette in pixels.
  • Horizontal and Vertical Stretch: Stretch the vignette in all directions and take care not to reduce the values too much as this will erase some important details.
  • Softness: Defines the size of the inner feather of a vignette.
  • Curvature: Determines the size of the outer part of a vignette.
  • Strength: Determines the intensity of the vignette overlay.
  • Color Options: Customizes the color of a vignette.

Vignette Exposure

Rather than apply a vignette overlay, the Vignette Exposure effect manipulates the actual pixels of the video. Use presets such as Heavily Exposed or Moderate along with other video editing settings to get a specific effect. You may also individually adjust the presets manually. The Vignette Exposure effect can be used to generate halo effects in a video, or reduce undesired vignette speckles from the original footage. The Vignette Exposure effect has many uses when it comes to polishing up a video.

vignette exposure color grading

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