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Learn to Add text and Titles

Follow the below guidelines to learn to add Text and titles using FilmoraPro:

Learn the Process of Creating a New Text Layer 

Inside the Text menu, you can make changes in the text characters like font or color, but before that, you need to insert or create the Text inside the Viewer Panel with the help of Text Tool.

edit text in filmora pro

Below the Viewer panel, you can locate the Text tool with &nbsp?like icon. You have to press on it to convert your cursor into a text tool, then click anywhere on the viewer section to start typing Text.

The newly added text layer is visible over the new track of your timeline.

create text with filmora pro

Importing the Titles

FilmoraPro comes with various pre-built tiles that you can import by taking the help of Media panel.

To start the importing process, press the Import menu then click on Titles option to open all the existing text styles in a list. From that list, select the desired one and press 'T' to insert that to the Media Panel. Now from there, you can easily drag it to the timeline.

importing titles in filmora pro

Editing Text with the following detail

  • How to change what your Text says: To edit Text, click on text tool represented by &nbsp?icon and make necessary changes.
  • How to change your text style: You can change the text styles in terms of text size, space, font, color, or other using the settings under the Text Menu.

filmora pro text panel

To make changes to the characteristics must highlight the Text under Viewer Panel.

  • To add a border to your text, you need to increase stroke width using hollow T like icon. (the icon looks like a hollow 'T').
  • To make either your text or its border transparent, you can take the help of checkered icon (near to eyedropper) to make changes to the border color or text color.

Animating the Text Styling

You can animate Text under FilmoraPro with following two ways:

  • Using the Animation Effects

You will get Animation folders under the Effects Panel. From there drag the required animation style to apply on your Text layer from the timeline. Then from the control panel, adjusting the animation properties is possible.

  • Using the Keyframes

To use the Keyframes to animate the Text, you need to choose your Text in the timeline and then launch Control panel.

You can view the list of properties by visiting Controls and then > Transform ; they will appear within the grey circles. To activate the keyframing for a property, you have to press on its circle that will change its color to white and will set your first keyframe.

For the complete duration of your text layer, you have the option to put new values next to the Keyframes properties that are turned on. When you change the cost of ownership with a white circle, a new keyframe will get setup. So, the Text will change its form in terms of growth, move, rotate, or fade up in between the keyframes with a different set of values.

control panel in filmora pro

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