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Fills and Gradients

Use this video effect to add solid and gradients fills to your layer.

4-Point Color Gradient

Four different points are generated when you apply the gradient fill. The four points can be adjusted according to their positioning and the color of each gradient point.

filmorapro color gradient effects

Points 1 - 4: The color and position of the four gradient points can be customized using these points.

Color Blend: Determines the overall blending of the gradient points.

Ramp Scatter: Adds a grainy texture on the blending regions of the gradients.

Opacity: Determines the transparency of the gradient effect.

Blend: A wide range of configurations to blend your fill layer with the generated gradient fill.

The 4-point color gradient example below shows you how to use the effects above.

make color gradient effects in filmorapro

Color Gradient

This is a simpler color gradient effect. It employs 2 points rather than the 4 points used in the previous one.

apply color gradient effects

Fill Color

Fills the layer with your preferred color and adjusts the opacity of the effect as follows:

use color gradient effects in filmorapro

Color: Use the color picker or RGB values to select your color.

Blend Amount: Adjusts the opacity of the full effect

Radial Gradient

The gradient fill starts from one point in the center and radiates outwards in a circular shape over your layer.

filmorapro radial color gradient effects

Customize the radial gradient using the Center, Inner Radius, and Outer Radius settings.

Add a blur effect to the gradient using the Smooth settings.

Add a noise effect to the gradient using the Gradient Scatter settings.

Adjust the aspect ratio of the gradient effect using the Elliptical Deformation settings.

Change the gradient fill shape using the Rotation settings.

Use the Blend settings to fully customize the blending configurations for blending your layer with the generated gradient fill.

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