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This is the process of removing just one single color to remove elements of the source video or image. Filmora Pro comes with a wide range of Keying effects. These are used in the following manner:

  • Effects panel should be enabled. Click on View in the top menu, access Panels and choose Effects. The effects panel will be positioned in the bottom left corner of your screen.
  • Control Panel and click on the + icon next to Effects.
  • Access the Keying feature by scrolling down the effects listed - choose the Keying effect that you desire.

Chroma UV Blur

This helps to clean up the edges around the Keyed image. When keying, a blurred edge may appear where the color was removed. The Chroma UV blur helps to blur out and smooth such undesired edges, in both vertical and horizontal dimensions.

Direction: There are three customizable directions: Horizontal, Vertical, and Horizontal & Vertical. The Horizontal & Vertical direction simultaneously blurs the edges in both directions.

chroma uv blur pro

Color Difference Key

This is used to exclude the Red/Green/Blue colors or screen from the video or image.

Preview the changes generated by dragging the Min, Max and Gamma sliders, by enabling the View Matte option.

color difference key pro


Use this feature to key out the background clip shot on a black background to create an embedded alpha channel. Use the three distinct modules – Average RGB, Max RGB and Luminance.

Max RGB: This enhances the RGB channels of each pixel to the maximum level.

Average RGB: This is arrived at by adding the combined RGB values together and then dividing the resultant value by the number of pixels. The resultant value will determine the RGB values of the final image color.

demult pro

Hue & RGB Key

The Hue & RGB key allows for picking, customization and adding of a particular color to define the desired screen color.

Quickly check on the alpha channel by clicking on View Matte and select on the area to be adjusted.

hue rgb kry pro

Luminance Key

Use this feature to key out a region based on the brightness of the layer. For example, use this to remove the Sky in a video.

luminance key

Matte Enhancement

Matte Enhancement is specifically designed to improve/adjust the quality of the output after you are done with keying a layer.

matte cleaner pro

Alpha Brightness & Contrast

Use this enhancement to tweak the brightness and contrast of the alpha channel and adjust the composite’s edges. Do this by dragging the sliders for each.

alpha brightness contrast pro

Crush Blacks & Whites Alpha

This is similar to the conventional Crush Blacks & Whites effect but only works on the Alpha channel. This "crushes" the black pixels to remove remaining areas from a keyed area. Fill transparent regions with white to enhance the composite even further.

crush blacks whites alpha pro

Erode White

Drag the Choke slider to gradually remove the edges from an Alpha channel in a layer.

erode white pro

Invert Alpha

Simply inverts the Alpha channel of the layer.

invert alpha pro

Matte Cleaner

Use this to tidy up the composite using three different options:

Smooth – smooth the Keyed edges.

Feather – softens the Keyed edges.

Choke – reduces the keyed edges.

matte cleaner pro

Remove Color Matting

Reduce the dark regions from the stock image in a composite element.

Note: For best results, use this feature when compositing the stock image through a channel swapper.

remove color matting pro

Spill Removal

At times, there is still a slightly visible blue/green edge after Blue/Green screen keying. Spill Removal helps reduce this edge or completely cuts it out.

spill removal

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