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Lights & Flares

Go to the Effects Panel, scroll down the Keying Effects to find Lights & Flares. Alternatively, navigate to the + icon next to Effects in the Control Panel and select Lights & Flares.

Anamorphic Lens Flare

The Anamorphic Lens Flare allows you to customize the size of the lens flare with respect to the source layer. Here are the finer details of the properties of this effect.

anamorphic lens flare

Threshold: Determines how much flaring is generated from the source layer.

Intensity: Fine tunes the intensity of the flare making it finer.

Blur Flare: Blurs the flare and makes it more realistic.

Blend: Customize the blend mode using Screen, Multiply, Lighten, etc.

Number of Streaks: Increases the number of flaring streaks, and each can be individually altered.

Take a look at how this effect looks like:

anamorphic lens flare preview

Auto Light Flare

Auto Light Flares and Light Flares have a lot of similarities. The main difference is that the Auto Light Flare uses the brighter areas of the image. You can customize the scale and intensity according to the source image.

auto light flares pro

Hotspot property group: Gives full control over the customization of hue, saturation, color and gamma direction of the flare.

  • Threshold: Defines the brightness level for pixels in the generated light flare. Increasing the Threshold value restricts the flare to the brighter parts, and lowering the value restricts the flare to the darker parts.
  • Max Flares: Determines the number of flares to be generated.

Rays property group: Determines the width and length of the rays by customizing the quality of the light rays.

Take a look at how the effect looks like:

how to use lights and flares in filmorapro


This is the perfect choice when you want to add a glowing aura around the bright areas of the layer.


Per Channel Intensity: Customizes the Glow color by adjusting the RGB values individually.

per channel intensity

Advanced property group: Direction, the specifics of the color gradient and the A/B choice.

glow advanced

Take a look at how the effect looks like:

glow preview

Light Flares

Generates a wide range of realistic lens flares & lights. Individually customize each flare for diversity.

light flares

Use a hotspot, rays and other distinct elements to individually customize the lens flare.

Hotspot and Pivot property. The Hotspot determines the position of the flare and the Pivot adds additional elements and animates the flare.

hotspot and pivot

Take a look at how the effect looks like:

light flares preview

Light Leak

Generate a new color gradient that simulates undesired light entering the camera while shooting.

light leak pro

Take a look at how the effect looks like:

light leak preview

Neon Glow

This enables you to generate laser-like or light-saber effects. A luminous glow or edge is added to the layer's alpha channel.

neon glow

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