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Saving and Exporting

Saving Projects in FilmoraPro Video Editor

Ctrl + S is the best keyboard shortcut to use when saving projects. Alternatively, go to the File menu and then choose Save As or Save. You will be required to enter the project name and preferred file destination.

filmora pro export video

Select a new name or destination for your project by using Save As. A new project will be created if you have saved projects before.

Should the program crash or close for unknown reasons, you do not have to worry. FilmoraPro Video Editor auto-saves your project at predetermined intervals, so you can recover the work done.

Go to the Setting Up FilmoraPro Video Editor page to get more information on how to customize auto-save settings.

FilmoraPro Video Editor does not save media assets with the project file. This means that to work on the project in the future, the files must have the same names and be in the same file destination. When editing the project on another computer, you will have to move the media files as well.


Go to the export screen to export your project. All settings are customized here.

Click on "Export" just above the timeline and then select In-Out Area or Contents to export a clip or full video from your project.

Contents: all media files are exported as a video.

In-Out Area: will only export the clip between the in and out points that you set.

Selecting any of the two will create a popup dialogue window asking you to confirm whether to Continue Working or Go to Export.

export video on filmora pro

Selecting "Continue Working" adds the selection to a queue in the Export Screen. This allows you to review the export later before proceeding with the full process. Finally, access the export screen by clicking on "Go to Export".

In order to complete the export process, go to the queue in the export screen and click on Start Exporting. To go back to the project before exporting, click on Back to Editor. The selected portion will be exported in the background and you can continue editing the rest of the project.

export video on filmora pro setting

The Export Screen

There are three main sections on the FilmoraPro Video Editor Export Screen:

The Presets Panel

how to export on filmorapro

The Presets Panel of the Export Screen has all available presets categorized into two main groups:

  • User Presets – These are presets that are designed by the user. You can opt to save certain custom resolution, compression, and video formats as a preset for future use. To do so, simply click on User Presets and the select any of the options listed under Create Preset. This will open an Edit Export Preset window which allows you to save your preset. You can create unlimited User Presets.
  • Built-in Presets – This folder has all the presets that come bundled with the software. The presets give a wide range of export options for your project. You may also customize these settings by right-clicking and choosing any of the options listed under Create Preset.

Learn more about these export formatting options by visiting the Supported Formats page.

In order to change a preset that will be applied tone export tasks, double-click it to engage it.

Built-in Presets cannot be deleted. However, you can delete a User Preset. Simply choose the preset and then click on the "Delete Preset" icon which is located at the bottom of the preset list.

The Queue Panel

This panel shows all the projects and their respective sections, which are as yet to be exported.

how to export on filmorapro

  • Name – The task name.
  • Format – The exported file format.
  • Preset – The export settings that FilmoraPro Video Editor will use - compressions settings, frame rate, aspect ratio, and video file format, etc. Change the preset by choosing a new one from the dropdown menu. Alternatively, you can change the preset by dragging a new one from the dropdown menu onto the task in the Queue.
  • Duration – The time duration of the resultant exported file.
  • Output - The destination folder or location for the exported file. Change the file name and destination by clicking on the file path.
  • Progress – The Progress Bar how the rendering process is going on. It allows you to see the percentage of the task that has been rendered and how much is remaining.
  • Start Time – The specific time the rendering started.
  • Elapsed - The time taken from the beginning of the rendering process.
  • Remaining – The estimated time remaining until the rendering process is complete.

 The following options can be viewed at the bottom of the Queue panel:

  • Remove Tasks –To remove tasks from the export process. Select the tasks and then click here.
  • Remove Finished Task(s) – Click here to remove tasks that have already been exported from the task list.
  • Start Exporting – Click here when you are ready to start exporting the tasks in the Queue. The tasks are exported in the order they are listed. This button changes to Suspend Exporting once the export process starts - it is used to pause rendering at any time you choose.

Once the export process begins, you can click on the "Back to Editor" button to continue editing your project on the Editing Screen. The rendering process will not be interrupted since it will proceed in the background.

The Preview Panel

how to export video on filmora pro

The Preview panel allows you to monitor the export progress. All frames being rendered at any time will be previewed here. The panel also shows details of the file being rendered, such as preset used, task name, and compression. These images come from the buffer of the export and will not affect the export process in any way. 

Exporting Individual Clips

Right-click on individual clips, select "Add to Export Queue" in the menu that appears in order to export them as individual clips.

Use this method to export multiple clips, which will be added as separate tasks in the Export Queue.

export on filmorapro

If you want to bulk convert video files to the new format, Add to Export Queue is useful. If you add a video clip to the export queue in this way, the name of the task in the queue will indicate its source and its location on the timeline.

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