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You can sharpen images using the Sharpen tool. From the Control panel click on the + icon next to Effects to access this tool. Select Sharpen from the dropdown menu.


Strength: Alters the sharpening effect to higher or lower levels.

Feature Size: This feature adjusts the dark levels to make details clearer. The value ranges from 0 to 20.

Dimension: Adjusts the orientation of the sharpening effect.

Here is the result of using the sharpening effect.



Alternative method of making the image clearer.

Click on the + icon next to Effects in the Controls panel. Select Sharpen > Unsharpen from the dropdown menu.

unsharpen pro

Radius: Adjusts the radius of the unsharp effect.

Amount: Customizes the unsharp effect's intensity.

Threshold: Determines the maximum levels of the unsharp effect. Fully drag the slider to the right if you do not want any changes when you adjust the amount.

unsharpen preview

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