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Trimmer Panel

FilmoraPro trimmer panel is quite versatile as it makes the editing of video clips to be effortless. One can easily trim clips, set in and out points and work with the audio waveforms alongside other features with ease.

By trimming the clips, users can also modify how the clips get played in a specific sequence. Users can access the Trimmer Panel once they have placed media asset on the timeline and that can be done by right-clicking the video clip then choose Open in Trimmer. The In and Out points of the video clip then becomes visible on the timeline and you can immediately trim them after designating them in the trimmer panel.

trimmer panel interface

Playback Controls

Just like Viewer, the trimmer features can be used for video playback. You can find the Playback Controls near the bottom of the Trimmer Panel.

1. Loop Playback

Users can either decide to activate this feature on a clip and doing that will cause the video clip to begin playing right from the beginning (or the In Point) every time the play head reaches the end (or the Out Point).

loop playback

Using Set In and Set Out Point buttons users can define the section of the clip that they intend to loop by placing the playhead right at the exact frame within the video where they want the loop to start or end at by clicking either the Out or In button. Set In and Set Out Points

set in out point

The usage of In and Out Points are for performing different tasks within the different panels. Under the Viewer Panel can be used to define the work area on the timeline.

The In and Out points under the Trimmer Panel helps users to precisely define the part of the video clip that they want to place over the timeline. Users can either drag the media asset from the Trimmer Panel right to a track on the timeline. During dragging the file, a green outline will appear and show you where the video clip will be placed.

To add files to the timeline directly from the Media Panel contains no change that you made under the Trimmer Panel. If you want to maintain the changes that you made in this panel and let them appear in the clip, the one that you placed on the timeline, you need to add the media files to the timeline from the Trimmer Panel.

In default situation, both audio and video within your source media will be used, once you've added the media to the timeline. If you only want to use audio or video elements separately, following tools will help you to achieve:

Use Video Button: You can click on the Use Video button and move the cursor to a video track on the timeline, in order to add the video part of the media file.

  • By holding down the Alt key while dragging any clip to a video track will also use only the video portion.
  • Click on the video clip then release the Use Video button so as to display the source video.

Use Audio Button: By clicking on the Use Audio button and moving the cursor to the audio track on the timeline, you can easily achieve adding the audio portion of the media file only.

  • When you're dragging any video clip to the audio track, keep holding down the Alt key will help you to add the audio portion only.
  • To display the audio waveform of the source video clip, you can click and release the Use Audio button.

2. Playhead Control

The location of the play head on the timeline will determine the frame that displayed within the Viewer and Trimmer panels. Therefore, users can control the play head from both panel.

playhead control

  • Move playhead to the Beginning

first frame control

Find the first frame option and you can easily place the playhead on the beginning of the timeline immediately. It's very useful for the long video projects. Using the Home key you can also activate this function with ease.

  • Previous/Next Frame

previous and next frame

During trimming of the videos and audios, the precision play an important role. Here come the Previous/Next frame buttons. With the help of those two buttons, users can move through footage frame by frame with the aim of finding the perfect position for setting the In and Out points.

  • Play Button

Once you click on the Play button the video begins to play forward in real time right from the position on the Trimmer's progress bar where the playhead is located. There are specific timelines that don't permit the real-time playback and, in such cases, the RAM preview or Pre-Render Features should be used if in case you want the footage previewed in real time.

play button

Alternatively, you can also use J, K, and L keyboard shortcuts to control the media files playback on the timeline or within the Trimmer Panel.

  • J Key: Tapping J key can start moving the playhead backwards and the video clip will be played backwards. Double-click on it can double the speed of the playback.
  • K Key: Stop the playback.
  • L Key: Click on L key will start moving the playhead forwards and playing the video. By clicking several times, the playback speed will be doubled.

3. Insert and Overlay

Insert Button: To insert a video clip right at the playhead's position on the timeline, you can click on the Insert Button. Video clips that are already placed on the timeline then gets moved towards the right so as create space for the new video clip. Besides, by clicking on the Insert Button the video clip will be sliced, when the playhead is positioned over a clip. And the new clip will be added to the middle.

insert overlay button

Overlay Button: With the help of the Overlay button you can easily place a clip at the playhead's position on the timeline without moving all the existing media within the space to where the new clip is added, it gets replaced by the new clip.

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