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Uses of timelines

A numbers of tools are available under the Editor Panel. (Here are the given details)

1. What is Time Ruler?

On a timeline, if you see on the top side, there exist the Time Ruler that show the duration of the project. The current position of the playhead will change if you click on the Timer Ruler. It will give you the option to select the frame of the video that you want to display on the Viewer Panel.

If you drag the playhead to a certain point on the Timer Ruler, then it will let you move across the project. Also, you can preview the clips well before moving ahead to do any of the editing tasks at that point/location. On the top left side of the Editor Panel, there is a time display. If you insert the precise time value to it, then that will let playhead move to that particular position on the Time Ruler.

2. How Scaling and Panning the Timeline works?

If the Video editing project is quite large, then it might be challenging to reflect all of the media assets under one screen. To scale the timeline, you can use the Zoom bar. Zoom in will let you see the particular area under the schedule or by taking the help of Zoom out you can scale or preview the complete project view in the timeline. You do not need to put the clips on a schedule to scale them. Adding a clip to a video track will help you in getting a better view of the entire project and to gauze how much zoom in or out is needed on the timeline.

To zoom in on a particular area on the timeline, take the help of Hand tool as well as scroll bars. You will be able to move the audio/video tracks to the left or right direction. For auto-scrolling of playhead’s position, you need to use the Ctrl+Home shortcut key. Thus, if you are familiar with panning and scanning option of the Editors Panel, then video editing efficiency increases to a high level.

3. How Selecting the Work Area works?

The selected work area reflects on the Time Ruler with the light grey area. As soon define the work, then that particular work area can be exported instead of exporting the complete timeline. Further, to review the job, you can have the option to choose a loop for your selected work area under the Viewer Panel.

To set the In point you need to press the ‘I’ key, after that put or drag the playhead to the position where you need to keep the Out point and then click on ‘O’ key on the keyboard. Alternatively, you can take the help of In/Out buttons to set the work area on the Viewer panel.

work area

To make the duration of all the clips available on the timeline equal to the work area size, you need to press the P key on the keyboard. While you hold the Alt key, if you drag the work area, then it can be moved easily without causing any change in its duration.

You can choose the Loop Playback option from the Viewer to loop the work area.

4. Export Videos

The Export button that is located in the upper right corner of the Editor Panel contains two exporting options that let you decide which portion of the timeline you want to add to the Export Queue.Viewing the upper right-end of the Editor Panel will give you Export menu. It contains two options to choose which particular area of the timeline you need to add under the Export Queue.

export options in timeline

In-Out Area: To utilize this option, first you have to define work area under the timeline. To set the work area press the I button and after that drag slider to a place on the schedule where you need to end the work area, after the press O button. Once done with defining the In/Out points, press the Export button to choose the In-Out area sub-menu option. Selecting this will export only the selected work area of the timeline.

Contents: Using this option will make you export all of the media assets available on the timeline. In case the schedule extended more than the content added by your end, then the exported media will not have any empty frames.

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