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The effect adds stretch and push distortions to the video clips they are applied to.

Action Cam Lens Distort

Sometimes action lens cameras generate a fisheye distortion. The effect is used to correct this anomaly. Filmora Pro is able to correct or simulate Go Pro models with its presets.

action cam lens distort

FOV: Adjusts the amount of distortion applied.

Center: Refers to the center of distortion and should be kept at 0,0.

Take a look at what fisheye distortion looks like.

action cam lens distort preview

Bezier Warp

Use this to pull the four corners of the footage into any shape that you desire.

bezier warp

Easily click on the footage corners in the Viewer and drag to distort. Alternatively, manually input values in the |Tangent|, Initial Point, and -Tangent- fields.

Take a look at how the effect looks like.

bezier warp preview

Perspective Warp

The footage is rotated within a 3D space. The space outside the frame can be customized using the X and Y Wrap tools. You may choose to fill the empty space created with a tile or reflected image of the footage.

perspective warp

Take a look at how the effect looks like.

perspective warp preview

Polar Warp

Start Radius controls the size of the empty space in the center. The End Radius controls how far the edge of the effect radiates from the center.

polar warp

Rotation: Use this to rotate the circle.

Range: The tool determines how much of the footage is added to the circle. Rotating in a clockwise direction adds less of the image, while rotating counterclockwise adds more. A tiled effect can be generated by rotating counterclockwise.

Take a look at how the effect looks like.

polar warp preview

Quad Warp

You can drag the corners of your image to new locations within the viewer using this effect.

quad warp

Take a look at how the effect looks like.

Quad Warp preview

Spherical Warp

You can generate a convex or concave shape using this effect.

spherical warp

Amount: Adjusts the power of the spherical distortion.

Scale: Use this to zoom in and out of the image.

To rotate the sphere, use Shift Texture X and Shift Texture Y.

Take a look at how the effect looks like.

spherical warp preview

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