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How to Play WMV on Mac with QuickTime (Mavericks Included)


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How to Play WMV on Mac with QuickTime (Mavericks Included)

Let's face it, Windows and Mac will never fully get along. Playing WMV (Windows Media Video) in QuickTime on Mac is no execption. So if you're looking to play WMV on a Mac with QuickTime, this article will show you the most trusted solutions to play WMV video on Mac (Mavericks included), and also help you to edit WMV in iMovie, add WMV to iTunes and more.

Solution 1: Convert WMV to Mac Compatible Format for Playback (Recommended)

play wmv with quicktime player

Play WMV in QuickTime in 1 Minute

Convert WMV to QuickTime compatible format for playback.

  • Convert more than WMV: 158 formats supported… and counting.
  • Custom video: Create personalized video with powerful editing functions.
  • Opetimized presets: Convert video to fit your iOS and Android devices perfectly.
  • Extract audio: Take music out from videos without quality loss.
  • Download video: Batch download videos from many video sharing sites.

3 Simple Steps to Convert WMV to QuickTime Supported Formats

Step 1. Add files to WMV Mac converter
After launching the program, your can directly drag and drop the WMV file into the program, or just click the "+" icon at the bottom left corner of the program main interface to choose the WMV file and add to the program.

Step 2. Set the output format
In the bottom format tray, there are some output video format options and optimized presets provided for QuickTime, iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMovie and more. To play WMV files on Mac, you can just choose "MOV" as output format.

Step 3. Start the WMV conversion
When you have selected the output format, you can click the "Convert" button to start the conversion.

quicktime wont play wmv 

Note: Under the help of iSkysoft Video Converter for Mac, you can play WMV in QuickTime successfully in 1 minute. For Windows users, please download the Windows version and do steps in the same way. If you want to try other ways, please read on, but this solution is highly recommended.

Solution 2: Use a QuickTime Replacement to Play WMV on Mac

Top 3 Free WMV Players for Mac

Note: The below part is only to introduce you to 3 free WMV player for Mac so you can play WMV on Mac. But it does not contain tips on importing WMV videos to iMovie, transferring WMV videos to iTunes library, and how to sync WMV videos to iPhone, etc.

VLC Media Player

convert wmv on mac

I highly recommend VLC media player, since it is a free player and compatible with Mac OS X. You are free to play your WMV videos on VLC player and make your videos look pretty good on it. This free VLC media player can work with many kinds of video and audio formats, such as MOV, MP4, WMV, AVI, MP3, etc. Also, it can support VCDs, DVDs and Audio CDs as well as streaming protocols. What is more, it supports many kinds of system platforms, such as Mac OS, Windows OS, Linux, Sharp Zaurus, Syllable, BSD, MorphOS, BeOS and Solaris. Anyway, it should be the best choice for playing WMV videos.

Windows Media Player 9 for Mac

play wmv with quicktime

Windows Media Player 9 for Mac supports both streamed and local WMV and WMA files. It is also a free player, but there is no plan to provide upgrade any more. Normally, this player meets your needs to play WMV files on Mac. However, the discontinue upgrade decision did caused trouble for Mac users. This player supports Apple Mac OS X version 10.5 or later, when it was released in 2003. Some Snow Leopard OS users find it is really a headache to unzip the player 9 download or to get this player to work normally. So if your system does not support this player, turn to other solutions.

Flip4Mac Component for Mac

wmv in quicktime

As mentioned before, Microsoft does not have a plan to upgrade windows media player 9, however, Microsoft did offer an alternative for Mac users: Windows Media Components for QuickTime Flip4Mac, which is developed by Telestream. This player supports high-definition playback. With this QuickTime component, you can play both WMV and WMA files directly using QuickTime Player and watch streamed WMV videos. Also, is a great player for WMV videos on Mac OS X version 10.4 or later.

FAQs About Watching WMV on Mac

Question: Why can't VLC play WMV on Mac?

Answer: Although VLC includes all common codecs for video files, sometime it will also fail to play some WMV videos. In such cases, first make sure you're using the latest VLC. Secondly, make sure the WMV files are not corrupted. To do so, either try other media player software or try importing WMV to Video Converter for Mac.

Question: Can all computers play .wmv files?

Answer: Of course NOT. WMV is encoded with Windows Media Video format so you need a media player with WMV decoder included, or your system provides such a decoder. If you're using Windows, you can usually play WMV files without any problem, but if you want to watch WMV video on Mac, you have to install a WMV player or convert WMV to MOV or other Mac-compatible formats first.

Question: How do you play WMV files on MacBook Pro?

The solution for playing on MacBook Pro is the same as that on Mac because MacBook Pro is running Mac OS X. That is to say, you can download a WMV player like VLC or convert WMV to MOV so you can play WMV on Mac, MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, etc.

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