macOS Sierra Upgrade Problems Fixed

Have You Met Any Issue After Upgrading to macOS Sierra?

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Common macOS Sierra Upgrading Problems and Solutions

  • 1. macOS Sierra Install Frozen
    Solution: If this happens, try one of the following to troubleshoot the problem.
    • Turn off the anti-virus on your computer until the OS is installed
    • Try updating the software in Safe Mode
    • Switch from wireless connection to hardwired connection
  • 2. Can Not Start Up After Update
    Solution: If you see a white screen after the upgrade or if the macOS Sierra simply won't start, try one of the following.
    • Restart the Mac and hold down Command + P and R to reset the NVRAM
    • Reset the System Management Controller
    • Boot the Mac in safe mode
    • Try removing all third-party extensions
  • 3. Mac Runs Slower
    Solution: If you find that apps took considerably longer than normal to open, try some of the following.
    • Restart the Mac to see if that helps
    • Reduce the RAM usage or upgrade RAM to make the computer run faster
    • Delete log files manually. Hold don Command + Shift + G to open the folder
    • Repair permissions with Disk utility
  • 4. Lost Important Data
    Solution: Find lost many data after upgrade? No worry, follow the steps here to recover all the lost data.
    • Download and launch Recoverit (IS) for Mac.
    • Select "Lost Data Recovery" in the main window
    • Select the drive losing data and then click "Scan" to scan the drive
    • After scanning, select the missing files and click on "Recover" to find back data
  • 5. External Hard Drive is not Visible
    Solution: If you are having any kind of issue related to your external drive, try one of the following.
    • Restart the Mac (remove the external storage device before restarting)
    • Mount the drive in OS X finder
    • Reset the SMC and the PRAM on Mac
  • 6. Mac Apps Damaged
    Solution: If you are experiencing this problem that some apps shows "damaged and can't be opened" error, here are a few fixes.
    • Empty app cache
    • Reset PRAM at Startup
    • Remove plugins of the app
    • Push "Option + Command" when launching the app
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Lost Vital Files when Upgrading to macOS Sierra?

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Above Solutions are Not Matching Your Upgrading Problem, Find More Below:

Tips and Tricks on macOS Sierra

1. macOS Sierra System Requirements & Supported Mac Model +

This new operating system is capable of a hundred things that make it way more exciting than any of the previous versions. Though a bit disappointing for several Apple Mac users but the new operating system will only support certain devices and will not be able to run on the rest.



2. How to Upgrade to macOS Sierra +

Apple will release the new Mac system macOS Sierra, the new macOS Sierra has dropped the "OS X" that was a premium feature of the title in all its predecessors and also comes with a lot of new features. If you are interested in it, it is time to upgrade to macOS Sierra.



3. 10 Excellent Changes of macOS Sierra Compared with Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan +

Compared to Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan, macOS Sierra has changed many features. macOS Sierra has been smarter and more intelligent. Before you go to upgrade to macOS Sierra, you can learn the changes of macOS Sierra in advance.



4. How to Downgrade from macOS Sierra to Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan +

Have met many problems after upgraded to macOS Sierra? Are you not accustomed to the new system? If you are not happy with MacOS Sierra, you can downgrade from macOS Sierra to Mac OSX 10.11 El Capitan and wait for MacOS Sierra to get better.



5. All the Solutions for the Problems You May Meet If Upgrading to macOS Sierra +

Always if you intend to upgrade to macOS Sierra once it has been released, it is common to encounter many issues. You really need some help to solve them. This article lists some of potential problems you might encounterand and corresponding solutions. Hope can help you.



Must Have macOS Sierra Software

Find data loss after macOS Sierra upgrade and software incompatible with macOS Sierra? Do not worry! We have data recovery for macOS Sierra and here are a collection of software that is ready for macOS Sierra.