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Who I am

Yes, they all are call me 'an expert film maker'. I don't know if I deserve it or not.

What i love

Then they bring those things back and feed me. You know, I also have my own taste.

fcp yosemite My flavor of the tea:

fcl import

fcp If it's not my type,don't feed me violently. Do me a favor here:

What i can do

Edit I really love my job, beacause I can bring laugh and make life beautiful.

fcl split picture

Split Picture

fcl split video

Split Video

fcl split screen

Split Screen

fcl crop


fcl subtitle


fcl color correction

Color Correction

fcl effects


fcl video in video

Video in Video

green screen

Green Screen

fcl time lapse

Time Lapse

My Achivements


Honestly, I want to give you more, but...I've tried my best. Don't worry about your basic requirement, I can handle it well:

fcl output

If you really need more

Please try this:

More About Me

Of cource, as an expert movie maker, that's only 0.1% of my talent above. Still want to see more?
Welcome to my House!

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Everthing has its own value, so do I:


Too much?
NO! Look at Premiere, AVID, and iMovie. I think you can make a right choice.

• Adobe premiere vs final cut pro

• Final cut pro vs imovie

There are many people I don't like, really. They want me, but they don't pay.

• Ways to Get Final Cut Pro for Free (Final Cut Pro Crack) Please don't do it, or you'll pay more.

If you really in need, please choose a similar one instead. A cheap one? I hate 'cheap'. I mean a Video Editor for Beginners:

Filmora Video Editor for Mac>>

Oh, I live with Mac and my name is Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Pro X now, more accurately.

Have no Mac?

Then you can only go to find my brother:

Filmora Video Editor

A Ligthweight Final Cut Pro on PC and Mac, Specially for FCP Beginners

  • • Supports virtually any video formats you shoot.
  • • Easily chroma key the background of your video.
  • • Seamlessly blend your video with new backgrounds.
  • • Different methods to share your video with the world.

final cut pro mac

Download Now Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP


Download NowFor Mac OS X 10.11-10.6


Want more of my talents?

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