30 Final Cut Pro Tutorials That Makes You An Expert

Brian Fisher updated on 2022-05-05 10:34:46

Tutorial 1-10

1. Final Cut Pro X Tutorial from IzzyVideo

You will find here many tools about final cut pro tips. Beginners and advanced learn about: work with library, creating a New Library with your new clips created, how to find easier your files, how to use the interface in a positive manner for you, selecting and adding clip ratings, keywords, smart collections, conntected clips, markers, clip appearance, built-in effects, ken burns effect, video effects, compositing clips, slow motion and fast motion, stabilization, color correction, importing, sharing, media management and many other tips that you gonna love it.

It is a very comprehensive final cut pro training and it is totally free to watch on the website . This Final Cut Pro X video training will get you started with editing. It is updated for version 10.1 of Final Cut Pro X.

2 hours and 32 minutes of video training

2. Final Cut Pro Cource from Lynda.com

Here it is a full length video about how to use final cut pro. Besides the general notions usign the final cut pro X, you find here all about moiré, about the impacts of compression and the difference between cropped (or micro 4/3rds) and full-sized sensors in cameras. The autors says that this weekly course covers the most common questions videographers encounter when shooting and editing with DSLR cameras, from choosing a frame size and frame rate to understanding moiré and much more. It is an ongoing FAQ guide and you receive the answers to your questions, including final cut pro shortcuts.

Topics include: mixing frame rates, dealing with color and detail loss from compression, comparing sensor sizes, understanding how DSLR viewfinders react when recording video, what is aspect ratio, getting the right speed of memory card, avoiding rolling shutter.

23 hours and 31 minutes of final cut pro training.
3. FCP Tutorial from Apple

Of course that you will find the marketing view of final cut pro here. Apple tell us that they have optimized Final Cut Pro X to “lets you edit and deliver like never before”. You can read here about working with multiple streams of 4K ProRes at full resolution, play back complex graphics and effects in real time without rendering. And if you did not know already, you can even output your 4K video to ultra-high-definition displays. 15 minutes to read.
4. Easy FCP Tutorial from Ehow

You find here ten easy steps like a final cut pro manual. Even if it`s a very short webpage, you can read here about the most usually commands with final pro keyboard. 15 minutes to read.
5. Youtube FCP Video

If you are on the very beginning with final cut pro, you need to see this video tutorial. You will learn the basics in editing with final cut pro.

6 minutes and 44 seconds to watch.
6. Final Cut Pro Tutorial from MacWorld

Here you can read first that the final cut pro is a video software, if you ever wondered what is this. You learn how to edit your video material that you have shot with DSLR.

 25 minutes to read.
7. Final Cut Pro Tips from GoPro

You need to be careful with the matching the video material that you have shot, depending on your video camera. For example, if you want to edit the .mp4 file produced by GoPro HD cameras  you should know that you need a 3rd party software. Here you find all the details how to convert your video files.

8 minutes.
8. Final Cut X Overview Tutorial

You learn in this final cut pro training about setting up a project, the browser, importing footage, syncing separated audio, filters, the inspector, editing in the storyline, and the color wheel basics.

9 minutes and 22 seconds.
9. Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3 review

You can read here the pro views about final cut pro x. Actually you find here what you can do and you cannot do with this video software.

15 minutes to read.
10. Final Cut Pro X Tutorial from KenStone

This in-depth final cut pro manual has all that you need to learn about this video software. There are very nice images with all explanations that guide you quite directly to every feature.

30 minutes to read.

Tutorial 11-20

Tutorial Description Length
11. Final Cut Pro X Shortcuts

Just an amazing final cut pro X shortcuts explanation, that you need to use easier this software.

20 minutes to read.
12. Final Cut Pro Tutorial from PCMAG

On the second part of this article wroted by a tech editor, you can read about installing Final Cut Pro X, Importing, editing, effects, and many commands. 40 minutes to read.
13. Final Cut Pro X 10.1 Tutorial

You can read here about final cut pro update. The update is free and available on the Mac App store. However, it requires OS X Mavericks to run. Plus, it requires updating all existing FCP X Events and Projects. 25 minutes to read.
14. Easy FCP Tutorial from MacRumors

You can read here about Apple Updates Final Cut Pro X with 2013 Mac Pro Compatibility and 4K Content. 10 minutes to read.
15. Final Cut Pro X Get Started Tutorial

You can watch and read the final cut pro x training, but you need to pay for the full trainig. 39 minutes to watch.
16. Replacing temporary music in Final Cut Pro X If you have edited a piece with music with a watermark or a low bit rate demo version, you can read and watch tips about replacing temporary music. 7 minutes and 47 seconds to watch.
17. Final Cut Pro Tutorial Protrk

You can learn how to create the text positioning effects Final Cut Pro X with plugins. 10 minutes to read.
18. Case for Final Cut Pro X

You will see in this video from IBC, recorded at the Creative Pro User Group's Sixth Annual Amsterdam SuperMeet, the Final Cut Pro guru Larry Jordan. You can consider it as a very long training about final cut pro X because Jordan is offering lots of tips and tricks. 52 minutes and 52 seconds.
19. Compositing in Final Cut Pro X You can watch and learn the Basics in this Final Cut Pro Training. 10 minutes.
20. Final Cut Pro X Basic Training

This in-depth final cut pro manual has all that you need to learn about this video software. There are very nice images with all explanations that guide you quite directly to every feature.

9 minutes to watch

Tutorial 21-30

Tutorial Description Length
21. Edit Video With Final Cut Pro

You can read about Creating Effects With Still Images in a earlier version of final cut pro. 30 minutes to read.
22. Optical Flow Features of FCP

You can learn about optical flow feature in this Final Cut Pro X tutorial, by getting super slow motion footage. 15 minutes to read.
23. 46 TUTORIALS TO LEARN FINAL CUT PRO X You can watch many series of tutorials from basics to advanced on how to use Final Cut Pro X. 8 minutes and 28 seconds.
24. Timelines in Final Cut Pro X 10.1

You can learn about final cut pro tips how to edit in a timeline. You should know that are two types of timelines, Project timelines and Compound Clip timelines. 6 minutes and 21 seconds
25. Comprehensive Final Cut Pro X Guides

You can learn about SkinTone in final cut pro. 6 minutes and 11 seconds.
26. Creating Slideshow in Final Cut Pro You can learn about creating an audio slideshow in this Final Cut Pro tutorial. 30 minutes to read.
27. Final Cut Pro Video Tips

You can watch here many tutorials about final cut pro x. Every tutorial video has about 2 minutes to watch.
28. Final Cut X Easy Tutorial This is a very short but explicite article about how easy it is to make a simple move from the Final Cut Pro timeline. 10 minutes to read.
29. Pleasantville Effect for Final Cut Pro Here's a short tutorial for creating the Pleasantville Effect for Final Cut Pro. This tutorial will also show you how to isolate more than one color at a time. 4 minutes and 27 seconds
30. Final Cut Pro Tutorial You can learn here about the basics of colour correction in this final cut pro tutorial. 35 minutes to read

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