macOS High Sierra Upgrade Problems Fixed

Have You Met Any Issue After Upgrading to macOS High Sierra?

The newest Mac system macOS High Sierra is released soon. Have you met any problems after upgraded to macOS High Sierra? Here we collected the comment problems on macOS High Sierra and also come with the solution.

Common macOS High Sierra Upgrading Problems and Solutions

  • 1. macOS High Sierra Freezes
    Calm down when your Mac freezes after upgrading to macOS High Sierra, try the solutions below:
    • Hold down Command+option+ESC buttons for 3 seconds on the keyboard. Choose the app that stuck on the screen and press “Relaunch”.
    • Force a reboot by holding down the power button on Mac and wait till it shuts off and turns back on.
  • 2. Can't Download and Install macOS High Sierra
    Please make sure you have tried to download the macOS High Sierra in the right way. If the High Sierra still fails to download or install, try this:
    • Click the Apple Menu button and choose Force Quit.
    • Click App Store or Installer and choose Force Quit.
    • Click Force Quit again to confirm the process.
  • 3. WiFi not Working
    It’s annoying when the WiFi not working on macOS High Sierra. If you are facing the problem, too, try to follow the suggestions below:
    • Turn off the WiFi option on Mac and turn it back on after 30 seconds.
    • Restart the WiFi router and restart the Mac.
  • 4. Lost Data on Mac
    What can you do when you lost important data on Mac after macOS High Sierra upgrade? Try this to recover all of your lost data.
    • Download and install Recoverit (IS) for Mac.
    • Disable SIP (System Integrity Protection) on your Mac firstly.
    • Choose target file types and the disk where the data lost.
    • Preview and select the wanted files to recover.
  • 5. Mac Runs Slow
    The Mac may run slow after update to a new system like OS High Sierra. Here are tips to speed up your Mac.
    • Restart the Mac to see if that helps.
    • Check the memory or processor power that each app using. Update or find the alternative Apps if necessary.
    • Hold down Command+Shift+G to open the folder and delete log files.
  • 6. Bluetooth not Available
    “Bluetooth not available” is one of the most-common problems on macOS High Sierra. Try the following solution and fix it.
    • Hold down Command+Shift+G > find type /Library/Preferences/ > find and delete the Bluetooth preferences.
    • Reset the SMC & Power functions.
    • Power off the Mac and restart it after 2 minutes.
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Tell us more problems that you face when upgrading to macOS High Sierra.

How to Recover Lost Data After Upgrading to macOS High Sierra?

If you forgot to backup all your vital data like meeting documents, precious photos or other files and found some of them are lost after the macOS High Sierra upgrade, don’t be worried! Recoverit (IS) for Mac will help you recover the lost data during the process of MacOS upgrading. You will find that Recoverit (IS) not only can recover the data that are lost accidentally, but also retrieve the deleted data from emptied trash or formatted hard drive.

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Recoverit (IS) is compativle with newest macOS High Sierra, and it also can work on Windows 10 computer.

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Must Have macOS High Sierra Software

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