How to Convert Photos/Videos to GIF

Step 1. Launch the GIF Maker
Run the software and connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod with your computer. The software will detect your Apple device and display its information in the main window.
Step 2. Select Video or Photos
Select a video or photos on your Apple device and click "Convert GIF". Or click "Toolkit" > "GIF Maker" to import a video or photos from your computer
Step 3. Make a GIF from Video/Photos
Set up the duration for the video and click "Create GIF" to make a GIF from a video or directly convert photos to GIF.

Why Choose This GIF Maker?

Extremely easy to use: takes you less than 2 minutes to create a funny GIF image.

Simple setup: no extra efforts are needed. Just import files and export GIF images.

Multiple files supported: iPhone live photos, ordinary images and videos in MP4 and MOV format.

Easy to share: either share it via your device or through your computer. Fully depends on you.

Detailed Guides for your reference

Photos and Videos Widely Use to Make GIF

iPhone Live Photos
iPhone Live Photo is actually a photo with 3 seconds video. It only keeps moved on iPhone 6s, or it is a still image. To keep iPhone Live Photos live, converting them to GIF is the best option.
Either keep sharing ordinary selfies or be creative, it's your choice. Why not try something special and something new. Test it now!
Party Videos/Photos
It's impossible to share your party status with large videos or multiple photos.
iPhone/iPad/iPod touch Videos and Photos
You might want to share videos and photos shot by iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The better way to share them is in GIF format, smaller file size with video effect.

They're making and sharing GIF images...

You can't imagine how popular my GIF works are after you try to make the still images live. People like things to be live, not still images.
It's really amazing that my fans increase triple times than before after I sharing GIF images on your Twitter. Can't believe it.
I was impressed by a GIF image from an Korea movie. After that, i began to make GIF images from funny videos, even from YouTube videos. My friends in my circle like it. That's why i keep doing it all the way.

GIF Maker

All You Need is: Passion & Creativity