Richard Kray

Richard Kray

  • Sensoned freelance and contributor to iSkysoft.
  • Worked 8 years as a Senior Editor of a publishing house.
  • Focuse on the field of the video editing, update and share new skills to all readers.

Experience & Education

Working Experience and Education

Richard Kray is a seasoned freelance writer and regular contributor to iSkysoft. He enjoys writing informative SEO articles across a broad range of topics and subject matter.

Before becoming self-employed, he worked 8 years as a Senior Editor of a small publishing house. So he has extensive experience in writing and the facts also proved that.


Richard is a professional editor before taking part in the iSkysoft team, and he has published lots of technical articles in his local newspapers and technical blogs. After becoming a senior editor of the iSkysoft, Richard has focused on the category of video and video editing. And now, he has written lots of excellent articles to help readers to create excellent videos for sharing.


Richard lives in Kiev with the wife, kids and the dog, he enjoys the occasional pie and good coffee, as everyone should.