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Downloaded now

I am surprised how I miss this tool earlier because I should have purchased it way before. But anyways I have downloaded it just now.

by Walton karon | 2016-10-28 20:35:39

Same experienece

I had similar kind of experience with both mac and windows version. They are apt and designed according to the requirement of users.

by Asher joe | 2016-10-27 09:42:49

Have all key things

Good that this product knows what users are looking for because other products have unnecessary things and miss the key features that are expected from users.

by Robert taylor | 2016-10-26 03:59:53

New things to learn

The more I use this tool on my windows OS, the more I learn about it. You will get to know several new things when using it.

by Lucie freeman | 2016-10-25 04:21:43

Total transformation

I can feel the difference of days without this product and days with this product. There is a total transformation in managing the things in my device now.

by Livon sheri | 2016-10-24 07:51:50


This software has allowed me to shift from normal to top gear and now I can do all my work very quickly using the features of this product.

by Korey nish | 2016-10-23 04:42:22

Source of knowledge

It is very convenient if a user gets software, user guide and articles to read at single platform. This is definitely a great source of knowledge.

by Shemaro | 2016-10-22 04:11:14

Covers everything

I am searching for a thing which this phone management tool can’t do but I couldn’t find anything. It really covers wide range of applications.

by Gabriel jones | 2016-10-21 06:09:05

Great qualitiies

I want to highlight some of the most appreciable things about this software and that is efficiency and speed. Very hard to get these qualities in other tools.

by Ross santner | 2016-10-20 02:58:53

Both versions are great

Last week I tried mac version and recently this one, I found both of them meeting all the commitments which made under their product description.

by Lehman ausi | 2016-10-19 07:32:05