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How to Backup System Apps and Settings on Android

Backing up the system apps and settings on your Android device is very important but it is not always that easy. You can install third party app to help.

Top 5 Contact Backup Apps for Android

One of the easiest ways to back up the contacts on your Android is to use an app.We have compiled a list of the Top 5 contact backup apps for Android here.

10 Ways on How to Backup iPhone

10 Ways on How to Backup iPhone

Choose the best iPhone data backup software and apps for your computer and iPhone. This article offers a top list for your choice.

Top 5 Best File Transfer App for Windows Phone

These file transfer apps for Windows Phone help us to transfer data between Windows Phones or between a Windows Phone and a PC.

How to Backup Game Data on Android

Most of the Android users are fond of games, in order to make sure that the data is safe and secure, you should know how to backup game data on Android.

Top 3 Apps to Stream Video and Music from iPhone to iPad

In order to create more space on iPhone or better enjoy video or music on iPad. We will share you top 3 apps to stream video and music from iPhone to iPad.

How to Transfer Apps from iPhone to iPad

This article will detail the different ways you can easily and reliably transfer apps from your iPhone to iPad. Go to find the most suitable method.

Top 4 Free iPhone to Android Contacts Transfer Apps

There are top 5 free iPhone to Android contacts transfer apps, you can follow this article to transfer iPhone contacts to Android easily.

Top 10 iPhone 7 File Transfer Apps

If you are in search for the apps that allow you to perform a direct file transfer,just read ahead as we have top 10 file transfer apps for iPhone 7 here.

How to Delete Apps from iCloud Including Purchased Apps

This article will provide you some guides to delete apps from iCloud including purchased Apps. As you know deletion is the best way to create more space.

Top 5 iPhone to Android Transfer App Free Download

This article outlines the very best of iPhone to Android transfer app. Follow the article and you can free download the app of iPhone to Android transfer.

Top 5 iPhone Keyboard for Android Apps

Here introduce top 5 iPhone keyboard for android apps and allow you to experience an iOS-like keyboard on your Android phone.

Top 4 iTunes to Android App for Contents Syncing

This page has identified top 4 iTunes to Android apps that you can install on your Android Phone or tablet and make your contents sync to Android easy.

2 Tips on iPhone Video Storage

If you have a decent collection of pictures and videos on your iPhone, you had better to read this article to get some tips on iPhone Video Storage.

How to Manage Storage on iPhone

Have you moved from place to place looking for the best way to manage storage on iPhone? Follow the hints to make the best of your iPhone's storage space.

How to Clean Apps on iPhone

If you are finding a secure and easiest way to clean apps or some other data on iPhone, you can have the result in this page.

How to Manage Apps on iPhone

In this article we are going to look at how you can manage apps on the iPhone using iTunes and also directly on the iPhone itself.

How to Transfer Music from Free Apps on iPhone to iTunes

How to Transfer Music from Free Apps on iPhone to iTunes

Have downloaded multiple songs from apps in iPhone and want to transfer music from apps to iTunes Library on Mac or Windows PC? Take a look at the detailed tutorial.

Top 7 Music Storage Apps on iPhone

Here are a few of the best cloud music storage apps available for your iPhone today. Enjoy the music and enjoy your life.

2 Methods to Clear Data on iPhone Apps

Clearing data on iPhone apps is one of the best ways to create more storage on device. Here, you'll get many ways to help you clear data on iPhone apps.