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Filmora Video Editor for Mac v9.1 User Reviews

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great experience

It's a very good experience for editing novice. I can finish a clip in less time.

by jing | 2019-03-25 23:14:33

that's cool`

yaaayyy....I love Filmora,this video editor makes my life convenient and efficient! and i am in love with the new design and it's going the right way!!!

by AiniShu | 2019-03-25 23:12:57

Awesome program

I saw Filmora on one of my favourite Youtube channel and it seems like the right one for me because I actually need a intutive editing program to do my work and I am not the professional who can figure out the features of Adobe premiere and Cut pro, so I decided to try the free trial and then I am surprised by how easy to use the program is. It's pretty awesome, and I am sure I won't regret to pay for it, good job Fimora team.

by toughorace | 2019-03-25 23:08:25

nice shot

love this updated version, much more convenient that filmora 8

by kas cassi | 2019-03-25 23:05:47

filmora is exciting

I like to use filmora to record the wonderful scenes when I play games, then clip them together to make a video and send the video to my friends. They all feel cool and really a great thing!

by William | 2019-03-25 23:03:59

so easy to use

I used final cut pro on my mac before, and i know filmora video editor from my friend who usually created Youtube video, so I went to download and tried for a while, it's so amazing because there are so many effects and I can directly use, so easy

by Jessica Stam | 2019-03-25 23:01:51


i've been using this software for years, now i'm a youtuber and all my videos are edited by filmora. the best editing software i ever used!!!

by Monica | 2019-03-25 22:58:12

very good

Filmora Video Editor for Mac is very good !

by josin | 2019-03-25 22:55:00

Extraordinary product

If your objectives are clear and you follow all the guidelines properly. There is definitely a lot you can extract out of this extraordinary video editor.

by Karishma | 2017-01-28 02:07:14

PIP feature is great

The picture in picture feature is something I found new in this product. I used other video editors but none of them offer such high creativity.

by Walton pore | 2017-01-26 23:44:50