Top 10 Free MP4 Cutter to Cut MP4 Videos for Free

Top 10 Free MP4 Cutter to Cut MP4 Videos for Free

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By Elva | Sep 05,2018 17:39 pm

There are times when you may need to cut your MP4 videos. Videos are needed to be cut for different purposes. One of your videos may have some unnecessary or poor portions. These portions need cutting in order to make the video engaging. To cut a video, you need to use a video cutter. Following are the top 10 MP4 video cutter for free download.

Recommendation: Best MP4 Cutter - Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor for Windows (or Filmora Video Editor for Mac) is a very easy-to-use video editor that can easily take yourMP4 video cutting task to the next level. Using any of the two modes (Easy and Full Feature Mode), you can edit your videos as per your needs. The tool is such simple that you’ll only need to import a video that you need to edit, process the editing, and finally export it. If you want, you can share it directly from this super editor.

mp4 cutter free
  • It’s an all-in-one video editor that comes with video rotating, cutting, resizing, joining, and many more video editing features.
  • The tool is ultra-handy because it doesn’t need any solid learning in order to operate it.
  • You can choose as many types of video effects as you want for your videos because the tool provide over 300 types of effects.
  • Edited videos can be exported to varieties of operating systems and platforms.
  • Videos can be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook etc directly from Filmora Video Editor.

Tutorial on How to Trim MP4 Video with Filmora Video Editor

Step 1. Launch the program

To cut MP4 video, the first thing is to launch Filmora Video Editor. To do this, download the software from the main site of the tool. Once the download is complete, install it properly on your PC. Finally, launch it there to cut video in MP4.

cut mp4

Step 2. Import MP4 video to the program

The next step is to import the MP4 video on the tool. To do this, you’ll need to hit the “Import Media Files Here”. After that, you’ll get to see the file explorer where from, you could select the MP4 video that you need to trim.

cut mp4 video

Step 3. Trim MP4 video from the beginning or from the ending part

Now, you’ll have to bring the cursor using drag and drop the video to timeline. You can either place the cursor toward the beginning or the end of the MP4 video clip. Keep doing this until you notice the pointer. Then, you can move the pointer forward or backward in order to cut either the initial part or the ending part of the video clip.

mp4 trim

Step 4. Cut MP4 video from a middle section of a video

In order to cut a section from the video clip, you’ll need to make it a section which becomes independent from the whole video. Now, take your cursor to the starting and the ending part of the individual section and then, tap on the “scissors” icon. This will cut the portion from the main video. Then, hit the right-button of your mouse and choose “Delete” button to cut MP4.

trim mp4

Step 5. Export video

Finally, once the video cutting is complete now is the time to save or export the video. For doing this, you need to click on the “Export” button. This will bring the format options and choose your preferred format. After selecting the saving preferences for your trimmed video, click on the “Export” button. This will finalize the video trimming and you can now enjoy the video without the bad portion.

trim mp4 videos

Top 10 Free MP4 Cutter to Cut MP4 Videos for Free

#1. Windows Movie Maker

mp4 cutter

Windows Movie Maker is a great MP4 video cutter for Windows users when it comes to cut videos as per their wish. Yes, it can work as a powerful free MP4 trimmer when you need it to do so. The easy-to-use drag and drop feature of the tool has made it one of the easiest video cutters.

#2. Gihosoft Free Video Cutter

free mp4 cutter

Gihosoft is such a nice MP4 cutter online that can do the task of cutting MP4 videos within a very short time, without any hassle. The tool is very accurate and for this, you can even cut a single second-video within a minute. One notable feature of the tool is that it’s compatible both on Windows and Mac.

#3. Movica

mp4 trimmer free

Movica is another sleek and simple MP4 video cutter and editor for several video formats. You can simply select your desired portions from a video and cut it as per your need. The simple features of the editor give you the ultimate edge to save your time and at the same time, you get the final output in the finest manner. So, this MP4 cutter free comes as a nice gift for any of you who’s searching for a tool that can trim varieties of videos with its simple twists.

#4. Avidemux

mp4 trimmer

Avidemux is a simple free MP4 trimmer tool for editing different kinds of videos. It’s full of easy-to-use features. The clean interface of the tool is perfect for a smooth video editing operation. Not only is that videos can be encoded in different ways. Though the tool lacks timeline feature, the overall performance of this video editor is quite praise-worthy.

#5. VirtualDub

cut mp4

VirtualDub is a quick video editor, but it can be considered as a main streamlined tool. It’s mainly for editing different kinds of AVI files though you can use many other formats too. It’s distributed under GNU, so you can consider this a perfect free MP4 cutter for sure. For this, you can use it as a lightweight video editing tool which is good on the go.

#6. Video Toolbox

mp4 cutter free download

Video Toolbox is a MP4 cutter freeware that comes with many exciting features to edit your videos. One disappointing thing about the tool is that it supports up to 600 MB. So, you can consider this video editor for editing short video clips. So, if your need is to cut a short video clip, then you can use this MP4 trimmer free.

#7. Lightworks

cut mp4 free

Lightworks has already passed many years in the video editing industry and thus, you should know that many famous movies have been given the final touch using this awesome and powerful video editing tool. This free MP4 video cutter is compatible both on Linux and Mac. The interface of this tool is very intuitive and it’s very easy to use too. For all these reasons, the tool is a top pick when it comes to editing videos.

#8. Cute Video Cutter

free mp4 trimmer

Cute Video Cutter can be considered as a long MP4 video cutter freeware because it has no limitations in cutting your videos.

#9. iMovie

mp4 cut

To trim MP4 video free, iMovie can be a great tool. It has different awesome features which can turn your stale videos into magical movie-like ones. High-resolution videos are processed on this software without having any interruptions. You can cut videos regardless they’re recorded with iOS or Mac or similar types of devices.

#10. Freemake Video Converter

mp4 cutter freeware

The maker of this video editing software is Freemake, so you can expect a great performance from it. You can use it as a free MP4 video cutter. It supports over 500 types of video formats. Can you imagine the number? Yes, more than 500 types of videos are compatible on this tool. One thing to assure is that the number of users of this tool is dramatically increasing and you can notice that on the site of Freemake. You’ll see that every now and then, the number is increasing.

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