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How to Increase Volume on an .mp4 File with 3 Simple Ways

How to Increase Volume on an .mp4 File with 3 Simple Ways

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Increase Video Volume

1. How to Increase Video Volume
  1. 1.1 Increase Volume in Audacity
2. Increase the Volume of Different Formats
  1. 2.1 Increase MP4 Volume
  2. 2.2 Adjust Volume on AVI
  3. 2.3 Increase Volume of MP3
3. App to Increase Video Volume
By Elva | Nov 08,2018 20:42 pm

How to Increase the Volume on an MP4 File?

Here are 3 easy ways on how to increase volume on a MP4 video. When you download a video, but the sound quality is too soft, or maybe your laptop has low speaker volume, you can easily increase the volume of MP4 with programs designed to edit video. These 3 recommended programs have an easy-to-use feature built in, such as a slider to easily adjust. And they let you input the percentage. Whatever method you choose, you can easily boost audio of mp4 to meet your needs.

Part 1: Increase MP4 Volume with Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor is the highly recommended way to increase mp4 volume. It is easy to use and help you to keep the mp4 video quality. This video editing software provides you with basic video editing tools and adnvaced video editing tools, which is best for beginners and professionals. And you can customize your video with effects, including filters, transitions, PIP, elements and music in the background.

increase mp4 video volume

Why Choose Filmora Video Editor

  • This video editing software is super easy to use & the functionalities and features are pretty simple to apply.
  • No need to worry about the incompatibility issue of media formats;
  • Audio Inspector feature allows you to adjust the speed, volume, fade in/out, and pitch settings of audio track.
  • Can share videos directly to common social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo.
  • Separate version for Windows PC and Mac, and is compatible with the latest operating system.

Easy Steps on How to Increase MP4 Volume with Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor is easy to use and allow you to get high quality mp4 video. The steps to increase mp4 volume is very simple by using Filmora Video Editor.

Step 1: Import video to Filmora Video Editor

Launch this program and click the "+" option to import your MP4 video. Alternatively you can directly add MP4 file to this program by dragging and dropping.

how to increase the volume of a mp4 video

Step 2: Drag video to the timeline

Drag and drop your MP4 file to the timeline below.

increase volume of mp4

Step 3: Increase MP4 video volume

Look at the main interface, there is a "i" icon. Please check it to open the Video Inspector. After getting the dialogue box, you can press the "Audio" option. Then you can move the slider to adjust the Volume freely. After that, choose "OK" to continue.

increase mp4 volume

Step 4: Export MP4 video

At last, touch the "Export" button to save your MP4 file.

export MP4 video

Want to know more editing skills about Filmora Video Editor? You can read also:

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- How to overlay videos

Part 2: Increase Volume on MP4 with VirtualDub

increase mp4 volume with VirtualDub

VirtualDub is a free open source video editor which works with AVI files. It is licensed under GNU General Public License. It cannot edit in the way that professional programs such as Adobe Premier can, but it is streamlined and fast with its linear operations over video. It can batch-process. In order to work with MP4, you must first convert them to AVI files.

To Increase MP4 volume with VirtualDub

Step 1. Open VirtualDub and load your AVI file (first convert your MP4 to AVI), then click Video > Direct stream copy.

Step 2. Click Audio > Full Processing Mode.

Step 3. Click Audio > Volume.

Step 4. Click to check the box for Adjust volume of audio channels.

Step 5. Adjust the volume level using the slider. When you are satisfied, save the file.

Part 3: Increase MP4 Volume with iDealshare VideoGo

increase MP4 volume with iDealshare VideoGo

iDealshare VideoGo is a video converter from iDealshare which is available for Windows or Mac. It is easy to use and works with many different file types, including MP4. It also possesses some video editing functions such as trimming video, adding subtitles, and merging video files.

Simple steps to increase the volume of MP4 video with iDealshare VideoGo:

Step 1. Drag and Drop the MP4 files into the Video Volume Booster.

Step 2. Set your desired audio volume level. Click the Setting button to open the Advanced Settings window. Then hit the Advanced tab and on the Audio column. After that, you can click the 100% tab to select the volume ration from the drop-down menu. Then overwrite the original percentage with your desired volume ratio.

Step 3. Click Profile and select your desired output from the drop-down menu. Finally, you can click the Convert button. This action will increase the audio volume you selected while it converts the video.

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