Video Editing Tools and Effect Packets for YouTube Starter

Easy-to-use basic editing tools help you to organize your video clips quickly and easily. Inspire your video creation with multiple effect packets in different themes.

Crop Videos
Crop videos to get the smaller part of the image. By cropping video clips, you can easily remove unwanted parts and get rid of nasty background.
  • Customize aspect ratio of the video
  • Easy access to pan and zoom video
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crop videos
Crop Videos
rotate videos
Rotate Videos
Have shot videos with camera or mobile phones in the wrong orientation? Filmora Video Editor will help you to rotate videos to the desired degree.
  • Rotate video by dragging the slider or type any degree in the blank area
  • Click "Flip horizontal" or "Flip vertical" to flip the video
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Rotate Videos
Transition Effects
The transition will make videos smoother when one clip finishes and another begins. Almost all videos need transition effects like waves and others.
  • Provides 200+ free transitions for your reference
  • Apply any transition effects to your video and preview the effects easily
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add transition to video
Transition Effects
Video Filters
As basically effects, filters can be inserted into video clips or images to enhance your video and make it more impressive.
  • Free video filters are at your choice
  • Offers users 1000+ other special effects of overlays, title, elements, etc.
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Video Filters
video filter

Create Stunning YouTube Videos with Massive Effect Packets

What type of YouTube would you want to be? There are many kinds of effect packets with a different theme at your choice.

Travel Life Pack

Travel Magazine Pack

Travel Adventures Pack

Travel Delight Pack

Travel Memories Pack

Travel Chic Pack

Travel Journal Pack

Travel Fun Pack

Funky Adventure Pack

Makeup Blush Pack

Beauty Makeup Pack

Beauty Brushy Pack

Beauty Style Pack

Peachy Keen Pack

Terrazzo Pack

Kaleidoscope pack

Zine Pack

Retro Pop Pack

Food Tasty Food Pack

Food Asian Pack

Food BBQ Pack

Food Cupcake Pack

Food Cafe Barista Pack

Vibrant Spain Pack

Home Chef Pack

Thanksgiving Pack

Cafe Life Pack

Gaming Pack

Game Intro Pack

Pixel Block Pack

Video Game Pack

8 Bit Gamer Pixel Party Pack

Knights and Magic Pack

Futuristic Hud Pack

Shockwave Pack

Esports Pack

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Video Editing Tips for Advanced Users

Realize your creativity of video production with powerful video editing tools, and empower your creativity with millions of stunning effect resources.

picture in picture

PIP Effects

PIP effects enable two videos to share the same screen display. Easily apply PIP effects with drag-n-drop.

green screen

Green Screen

Enables users to emulate the professional "Green Screen" used by professionals.

intro maker

Intro Maker

To create an eye-catching video intro seems to be important when you wish to obtain more traffic.

beats maker

Beats Maker

To synchronize your video to a beat of a music track is a great way to highlight key moments in your video clips.

video stabilization

Video Stabilization

The shaky video will distract the viewer from the message or story in your video. Video stabilization will help you solve the problem.

color correction

Advaced Color Correction

It is important to put a high value on video color correction for creating unique and engaging videos for your YouTube subscribers.

One-Stop Resource Center
Provides all kinds of resources including footage, music, images and effects for the best video editing. Discover more advanced and creative resources
to make your YouTube videos more attractive.
Summer Day Pack
Soccer Pack
Animal Party Pack
Scary pumpkin breaking screen
Fast Moving Train
Massive Low Impact
Huge Impact
Bassy Energy
Beach Sunset2
Cambodia Angkor Wat
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