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Congratulations, you just might survive this holiday season. If you’re here, there’s a 99.99% chance you, or someone close to you owns a new iPad which is sufficiently powerful and awesome to distract you during your holiday long-haul train trip or flight. As we all know, it comes in 3 storage capacity sizes: 16G, 32G and 64G. Now, any of these are enough for you to store several movies to watch on your road trip. It’s a different story, however, if those movies are huge HD format files. To cram all these enormous movies down to a size that will give you the space to install more iPad Christmas games, Christmas music, or Christmas ebooks? Here are some tips:

1. Compress Your Video for iPad with iMovie (Powerful but not for beginners)

small movie size

iMovie is a video editing tool offered by Apple. It allows you to fix shaky videos shot by your own, crop video, add music, trim movies and more. Editing video in iMovie is just like dragging files to your Mac desktop. There is a precision editor you can use to resize your new iPad movies to free up more space. (The Mac video editor is a little complex in resizing file and the next solutions are highly recommended.)

2. Compress Your Video for iPad with Video Editor

If you video can't be recognized by iMovie, here  is a Video Editor for Mac with broad format support. It's developed by iSkysoft, a company working for enhancing your digital life entertainment. Video Editor for Mac is similar with iMovie but much easy to use than the previous video editor for Mac.

iPad movie size

3. Compress Video for iPad with Video Converter for Mac

If your video is in a highly compatible but large size format like AVI, iSkysoft Video Converter for Mac lets you change the format to MP4 or MOV. Besides converting your movie’s format with a click, you can easily optimize the video resolution to fit that iPad movie on your iPhone or iPod touch--from 1280×720 to 960×640 and so on. For control plus ease of use, this option is a standout.

make video size smaller

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