Let 's Enjoy iPhone Life

Now, new iPhone 7 is coming, are you ready to learn more about it? Here you will find many amazed cool functions of iPhone, which even old users didn't know. Go on and acquire new skills!

iPhone 7

Part 1. Magical Things You Didn't Know Your iPhone Could Do

Even you are an iPhone enthusiast, maybe you still have many unknown iPhone cool function. That’s why you are here. Also with the coming new season, the new generation iPhone 7 will be released soon. Learn more tips about iPhone and get ready to enjoy iPhone 7.

iPhone Tips for Daily Life

iPhone tips
Guided Access
Next time if you want to keep the noise of the internet out of your work, try Guided Access.
iPhone tips for daily life
iPhone 7 Transfer
Getting the new iPhone 7? 5 minutes to transfer the contacts from your old phone to iPhone 7.
iPhone tricks
It's a cool way to take a closer look so to speak. Zooming makes everything bigger.

iPhone Tips for Business

iPhone tricks for business
Let the iPhone think for you. It will come up with all the hard words to impress your Boss.
iPhone tips
Add Web Suffixes
Read 100 webpages in an hour? It might even be a Guinness World Record, we didn’t check.
iPhone tricks
Quickly Access Email
You're Welcome! Now you will really live up to the "I am sending email in a minute".

iPhone for Entertainment

iPhone tips
Flash Blink
Take phone to church without worrying about someone calling you in the middle of a sermon.
iPhone tricks
International Keyboards
Avoid autocorrect when you write that phrase in German and not English. Cool Huh!
iPhone tricks
Auto Turn Off Music
For the one who like to "lullaby" themselves to sleep. Enjoy iPhone music with Timer.
Expose All
iPhone tips video
iPhone 7 transfer

iSkysoft Phone Transfer

As an excellent and safe phone transfer tool, iSkysoft Phone Transfer will help you transfer, backup or restore your phone data. Make life easier.

Part 2. You Can't Afford Not to Know Where to Buy & Sell iPhone

Buy a Cheap New & Old iPhone

How to Buy a Cheap New iPhone

iPhone season is upon us once again. If you want to buy an iPhone 7, do you know where to buy it? Yes, there are really many places to buy an iPhone. You can buy them from Apple Store, carrier stores, and various other retailers. Before you are going to buy the iPhone 7, quickly learn all the tips here.

Tips & Tricks:
1. iPhone 7 May Come with New Colour
2. Where to Buy the New iPhone for the Best Price
3. How to Buy Your New iPhone 7
4. The Best Advice in 2016, Which iPhone Generation Should You Buy
5. iOS vs Android: The Full Comparison Between Android and iOS
buy iPhone 7

Purchase Sites:

apple store
Apple Store
best buy
Best Buy

How to Buy a Cheap and Old iPhone

iPhone 7 is not the best choice for everyone, many users prefer to buy an old iPhone because of the lower price. There are many online websites that offer you used cheap iPhone for sale, you can compare them from various aspects and choose the most cost effective one. And you must notice that there are many tricks in buying a used iPhone from a security point of view. The tips below seek to enlighten you about the process to buy an iPhone in Good Condition.

buy used iphone


  • Check iPhone Appearance
  • Check iPhone is not Fake
  • Verify the ESN, IMEI or MEID
  • Check the Camera
  • Verify It is Not a Stolen One
  • Check No Water Damaged
  • Check the Battery Life
  • Test the WiFi, Bluetooth

Purchase Sites:

Sell Your Old iPhone

How to Sell Your iPhone

Ready to buy the new iPhone 7, how to deal with the obsolete one? Maybe you will choose to sell it to exchange for cash, or give it to your friends. Before you do these things with your old iPhone, you must remember that there are more to the process than selling it directly.

Tips & Tricks:
1. How to Clear iPhone Completely
2. The Full Guide to Safely Prepare to Sell Your iPhone
3. Top 10 iPhone Backup Software and Apps
4. How and Where to Get the Most Cash from Your Old iPhone
sell iPhone

Purchase Sites:

buyback world
BuyBack World
apple store
Apple Store

dr.fone - Data Eraser

To be the best iPhone eraser, dr.fone - Data Eraser can protect your personal data and optimize your iPhone in just one click.

Follow This Process to Sell Your Old iPhone

Erase All Data
Top 10 iPhone Cleaner Apps
Disabling Find My iPhone
Every purchaser will hope you to have taken this step
ID Wiping
Wipe Apple Pay / Credit Card and Touch ID Fingerprint
Buyer must want to ensure iPhone is either stolen, or still under contract
Make your iPhone look as close to a new one
Remove SIM Card
Protect your carrier contract from being stolen
Manage Trusted Devices
Prevent your iPhone from verifying your identity
iTunes and iCloud
Remove your iPhone from your iTunes and iCloud account

Tips: If You Don't Want to Sell Your Old iPhone
Many Super-Useful Things You Can Do with the Used Phone

Use as Baby Monitor
With the help of some apps, try to use your old iPhone like a Cloud Baby Monitor
Use as Remote Control
Use your old iPhone to turn on your TV, control the volume levels or even access different music service.
Use as Document Scanner
Turn iPhone into your good helper when you want to make data collection.

Part 3. Poll: How Would You Deal With Your Old iPhone

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