How and Where to Get the Most Cash from Your Old iPhone

Adam Cash updated on 2022-05-05 10:25:26

The latest version of the iPhone has hit the market and you want to buy it. The price tag might be too high. The best way to raise funds is to sell out your old iPhone for good money and then go ahead and buy a brand new set. So, where do you sell your iPhone? The market is brimming with potential retailers who are offering iPhone exchange deals. You have to carefully analyze the prevailing prices and turn to the online marketplace for a good deal. So let's see how to get the most cash from old iPhone together.

Part 1: How and Where to Get the Most Cash Out of Your iPhone

An iPhone 6 series models in good condition will fetch the highest amount of money. There are numerous online sites where you can sell your iPhone. The sites should be authentic and the user should never surge into unknown territories. You could be lured by scammers who would have fake identities and con you into losing your gadget and money both.

Gazelle- Gazelle provides good deals for iPhone that are in updated condition. This site has a reputation for carrying out speedy transactions and giving out the most authentic deals in the industry. It is a genuine brand that clears all the existing data in the seller’s iPhone before selling it further.

  • iPhone 6 Plus: $270 — $395
  • iPhone 6: $235 — $370
  • iPhone 5S: $115 — $185
  • iPhone 5: $60 — $125

The payout depends on the storage and the physical condition of the iPhone. The selling procedure is as simple as selecting your iPhone model on the website and waiting for the prepaid box to arrive. Gazelle sends a confirmation and finally the check is dispatched by the company on the agreed amount. Websites like iCracked, Glyde, and GameStop all offer similar lines of selling options.

Nextworth- Nextworth works in sync with Target retail. The user can sell their phone to Target retail stores and the payout is made in check. The payout and services of Nextworth are at par with that of Gazelle. As per the latest update, the price at which a seller sold his iPhone 6-128GB was $395.

uSell- This online marketer is known to have the highest prices to offer. An iPhone 6 can be sold for as high as $423, though the prices are subject to frequent change as per the market trends.

Amazon ($8-$400) - The Trade-in programs of Amazon offer good payouts and the users can lock the deals 45 days in advance. The flip side of selling devices at Amazon is that the site is difficult to navigate and Amazon charges 8% commissions.

Walmart($5.5-$300) – The procedure of selling an iPhone at Walmart is simple. The user gets a quote on updating the statistics of his iPhone and can then send his iPhone to Walmart. He then receives a gift card. Walmart accepts the older models that other websites no longer buy. The pricing offered by this site is comparatively low.

Apple- Apple does not give cash for old iPhone and instead offers gift cards. The sellers can avail these gift cards while making future purchases at Apple. Though the value of the gift card might be low, customers often prefer selling iPhone to the Apple store due to the reputation of the brand.

  • iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s: $150 Apple Gift Card
  • iPhone 6: $250 Apple Gift Card
  • iPhone 6 Plus: $300 Apple Gift Card

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Part 2: How to Sell Your iPhone on eBay?

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Sell Your iPhone on eBay

eBay sells iPhone using its standard selling format. You have to list your iPhone for auction and set an entry price. Upload the pictures and give a brief description of the iPhone and its condition. As the bids come in, settle for the highest one. eBay's integration with PayPal has made the online seller a secure and safe platform.

The seller should take care of some nitty-grittys before selling his iPhone. Take a backup of your phone data before erasing all content from the device. Unlock the gadget so that the potential buyer can use it the way he wants. The iPhone is now ready to be sold.

Step 1. Go to the homepage of the website eBay and click on the "Sell" button.

click on Sell button

Step 2. Click on the "Sell it myself"- "Create a listing" icon in the next window.

click on icon

Step 3. In the window that appears, enter the specification of the iPhone that you want to sell iPhone 6s 128 GB gold, and then click on the "Sell it" button. Also, the page gives a short guide on selling a product on eBay.

click on Sell it button

Step 4. We are now in the phone window. You can choose your brand, carrier, model, capacity, and condition of the phone.

sell old iPhone

Step 5. You have selected all the options and specified the condition of the iPhone and the accessories that are available along with it. The page also displays the tentative price of iPhone in that category that are selling on eBay. You can choose the option "I'll sell it" or "Sell it for me".

sell old iPhone

Option1-"I'll sell it"

A window showing all the details of the iPhone is displayed. You can add photos, descriptions, and price of the iPhone. Details regarding the shipping also have to be specified. Once all details have been added, press the "List it button.

sell old iPhone

Option2- "Sell it for me"

A window opens where you can add your address details and PayPal email account. eBay handles the rest of the deal. Valets try their best to sell the items. Unsold iPhone are returned to the seller free of cost.

sell old iPhone

Shipping- Once the bidding is complete the iPhone has to be shipped. Once you receive the payments from the final winning bidder, you can now package the iPhone. The payments are commenced via PayPal. eBay gives the seller postage paid shipping label that you can print and post on the package. eBay charges a 10% fee for the services given, it will also deduct the postal shipping fee and the PayPal service charge.

In case the payments are not received within a few days, the seller can consider the second chance offer. With this offer, the seller has the choice to sell the iPhone to the next highest bidder. Further transactions can resume as stated above.

Note: eBay lists the first 20 items of the sellers for free.

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