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Elva updated on 2022-05-05 10:29:48

There are two kinds of people in the world: i) those who are single, and ii) those who are not. Valentine’s Day should be terrible for both. It can be disappointing for single people since they do not have anyone to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It is miserable for those who are not single because they cannot afford to ignore Valentine’s Day. 

We shall have a list of Anti Valentine themes starting with the top 10 anti Valentine Day songs followed by five funny videos about anti-Valentine’s Day and round off with a list of top 10 Anti-Valentine’s Day party ideas.

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Cartoons

We often feel the need to take some time off the love and romance on Valentine’s Day. What better way to do so than cartoon comedies? For everyone who feels bored on Valentine’s Day and for those who hate the feel of Valentine’s Day, we have compiled a list of the funniest Valentine’s Day cartoons:

#1. Simon’s Cat – Butterflies (Valentine’s Day Special)

This short cartoon has been directed by Simon Tofield and animated by Stephanie Mercier and Laura Nailor. Simon’s Cat is a book and cartoon series that has been written by the Simon Tofield, a British animator. Simon’s Cat is a hungry house cat that uses that uses clever tactics to get his owners to feed him. Butterflies is a special edition of the cartoon series. It shows the cat expressing its love for another cat by presenting to her a box full of butterflies. But things turn out to be unexpectedly funny when the love-struck cat has a bad experience with the butterflies. The duration of the cartoon is 1 minute and 56 seconds.

#2.Funny Card Cartoon – Happy Valentine’s Day

This is a hilarious short cartoon that somewhat depicts the ‘love in the air’ on Valentine’s Day. The cartoon makes use of animals to show the ‘actions’ of love that include hugging and kissing. It illustrates the joy of being in love and having a partner on Valentine’s Day. The duration of the cartoon is 30 seconds.

#3. Loves Me Not – Trains and Trucks

This episode of Trains and Trucks is a Valentine’s Day special. Trains and Truck is an educational cartoon channel based on YouTube. The cartoon features Vera who tries to figure out someone that loves her. She uses a chamomile flower to find out which of her friends love her. Ethan and George explain to her that this is unscientific and ridiculous but Vera argues that it’s not. By the end of the episode, Ethan and George both present Vera with a lovely flower. Vera happily accepts the flower and kisses both her friends. George in the meanwhile, tries to explain this ‘gesture’ of love through science. The duration of the cartoon is 8 minutes and 44 seconds.

#4. Valentine’s Smoochies – Happy Tree Friends

A funny illustration of the cruelties of Valentine’s Day. It features a rabbit in three different scenarios of love. The first shows the rabbit getting a bouquet of love. But sadly, the rabbit is allergic to the flowers and blows her own brains out! The second features the rabbit becoming cupid with its golden arrows of love but everything turns out to be wrong when the arrows come back to haunt him. The third scenario features the rabbit sending a message of love, but cuts its tongue off while sealing the envelope! It’s a funny short cartoon to watch on Valentine’s Day, especially if you’re feeling a bit under the weather of ‘love’. The duration of the cartoon is 1 minute and 58 seconds.

#5. Minion Romantic Comedy

Valentine’s Day with minions! This is a short romantic comedy that features a minion and his minion girlfriend. The minion is out getting flowers for his longtime girlfriend and during his journey, he remembers all the lovely memories he has had with his minion girlfriend. The duration of the cartoon is 2 minutes and 8 seconds.

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